Planning Your Next Trip in BC? Try Goldstream!

yfp_7510This weekend I went to Goldstream Provincial park to catch the salmon run, find some places to photograph and simply enjoy the moment. Did you know you can bus to Goldstream? I did it several times in my first year and I must say, it was the first time I had seen such a dense forest!

Every year around mid October until December it is salmon season. Salmon return to Goldstream (and other places in B.C.), spawn and die. If you have never seen salmon or are interested in animal behaviour this could be very appealing! Otherwise the park is beautiful and you can always go with friends to walk around and take a break from school. Keep in mind though, this park is sacred ground for the salmon returning. They will nurture the trees in the surrounding areas as well as the wildlife.

If you are planning to go soon or just want an idea of what to expect check out these tips!

1. Don’t forget your rain boots! (Water resistant shoes also work.)


No, there is not water everywhere. I just happened to cross a small stream. Nonetheless the paths can be muddy, so be prepared 🙂

2. Bring your camera.


There is a beautiful mixture of autumn colours in the park, perfect for abstract or landscape photography.

3. Do not forget your tripod!


There are many streams, small and big waterfalls. It is a paradise if you like long-exposure photography.

4. Bring your friends.



It is the safest way to explore a new place and of course, you will all have fun.

5. Love nature, the moment.


Finally, take a moment to breathe. Take a moment to notice and be with nature.

I believe our connection with nature is there, inside of us. When we do go out, it feels right, no?

P.S. we found interesting things along out path, maybe you can also find some and share them?


Have a wonderful reading break everyone~

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  1. Gina Pena says:

    Great!!! and wonderful pictures!