The Journey of a Padawan to a Jedi Master

Trump vs. Clinton; the quintessential emotional argument against the intellectual one. A behemoth of a blowhard bellows insistently as he tries to permeate the conscious minds of the dissolute. Fissures form of equal footing as tensions boil to evaporation. As the gases dance in the air, trying to fill the most space as possible; the desiccation of the intellectual argument is complete. Technological evolution has become first-person social de-evolution. Theatre, narcissism, self-indulgence. Whatever it is; it’s embarrassing. We have become consumers of the salacious. Politically correct overt social culture has forced deviance into the shadows of technology. Humanity’s sins exiled to the Isle of The Internet.

As soon as you turn on any electronic medium it is like you are transported to a battlefield. A gender war? A war over political correctness? Divisions over race and authority. The volatility is palpable. Whatever happened to an era of unbridled optimism?

Rental units unavailable and prices skyrocketing. Owning a home becoming unaffordable for most university graduates. Increased competition for entrance to post-graduate institutions. A crippling amount of student debt.

vaderFrom the macro to the micro, there are an unbelievable amount of stresses on today’s university student. It is easy to get crushed under it all. The solution? First, you have to believe in yourself. Then you need support from others. Lastly, make sure you are able to shut out all the negativity from those nasty internet trolls and naysayers.

In my life, the greatest thing I have ever learned is that everyone perceives life through a different lens. Realization of this concept allows you to show compassion & love to those whom you do not understand, those who you may have conflict with, and those who you may think ill of.

Your emotional reaction becomes a bullet hitting water; the denser medium slows your thoughts and allows you to understand the bigger picture. Herein lies the key to becoming a Jedi Master; how quickly can you put aside your own emotions and make decisions based on intellect & intuition. For the greater good of the universe.

yodaYou need to act right. Don’t be Donald Trump. The search for simplicity in complexity is universality, so I’ve tried to come up with some universal guidelines that you must learn to avoid in online or in-person social situations.


  1. Say something negative about someone’s appearance/fashion.
  2. Everyone thinks they are paid less than they are worth so do not comment what someone earns (especially if you’re the boss).
  3. Never question someone’s holistic morality (you can question a specific behavior or decision, but not whether they are a good vs. bad person).
  4. Devalue or stereotype a culture or sexuality.
  5. Correct someone when you don’t have to (such as grammar!).

It always amazes me how the first people thing self-describe themselves as is “a good person.”  As if anointing oneself as the authority of your own morality isn’t the most narcissistic thing you can say. And this is usually coming from someone who has pegged me as arrogant, but I refer to rule #3 and I don’t question it. What I focus on is what behaviors I am doing that cause me to be labelled as arrogant or why this person may feel that way towards me. I don’t want to make anyone feel bad, and I don’t want any enemies. So now I have to reflect on my own behavior and how I can improve upon it. Instantly, I no longer feel angry or upset about the interaction. Life is a learning experience.

It’s always puzzled me when people say that they don’t regret anything in their life because they wouldn’t be in the position they are now. I’ve said and done a lot of stupid things that I wish I hadn’t. I’ve hurt people that love me. It’s easy for me to justify faults by attributing them to learning experiences, which has made me realize that you can learn by making mistakes, but you can also learn by doing the right thing the first time.

trumpglobalIt’s easy to villainize Trump, but is that not stooping to his level? Whatever happened to fighting hate with love, not with more hate? Better yet would be fighting hate with education.

Trump is a scumbag. He cares about money & power, not humanity or the greater good, but money & power are things we reward and value in a capitalistic society. It is apparent that we are destroying the planet and inevitably our own existence, but veils of greed obstruct our vision.

I used to think that “don’t worry about what you can’t control” was sound advice. That’s exactly what you should worry about because you can’t control it! Stress only exists if we experience it. Things you can control you can change, so stop worrying about things in your control and do your best to improve and fix them.

This blog post dissipates from a coherent thought to senseless rambling. The entirety of problems and stresses have overwhelmed the mind. The journey from Padawan to Jedi Master is not yet complete. Stay the course. There is work that must be done.

“Whosoever is delighted in solitude is either a wild beast or a god”


-Sir Francis Bacon

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  1. winston says:


    I really enjoy reading your blogs since you’re so mature. I was wondering if you could do one on the dating/age relationship? would you personally date someone that was younger than you if she were very mature?