A Visit from the Parents

Every time my parents come to see me it’s like my whole life gets an overhaul.

The fridge gets emptied then re-filled again. We go grocery shopping for things like toilet paper and mayonnaise. The closet door we never had time to fix gets fixed. And meals are magically cooked as I finish off my homework.

The trade off is the insanity trying balance family time with my day to day responsibilities. How do I express my thanks through meaningful bonding time when I have two assignments due the day after they leave? How can I say no to a walk when they are only here every 4-5 months?

Today my dad and I assembled a new TV combining a chore and some father/son bonding time. So every time I feel the need to go hide under the stairs, I just try to remember that my parents are willing to drive all the way down here to come see me, even if it means doing my chores and helping me set up TVs, and that’s pretty amazing.


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