How to Tell if Your House is Haunted

ghost-35852_1280It’s right around Halloween and it’s time to face the facts – this is when ghosts come out to play. But not to worry. This article is full of helpful tips on how to tell if your house/dorm room is haunted, how to deal with your (un)wanted guest, and how to embrace a haunting.

First things first – Take this short yes/no quiz to find out if you actually have a ghost:

  1. Do you hear noises in your walls?
  2. Do doors open and close unexpectedly?
  3. Do the lights flicker?
  4. Are there unexplained cold spots in your house?
  5. Have you heard or seen your ghost?

If you answered yes to most, if not all, of these questions, the most likely explanation is that you have a ghost (or a strong draft in your house).

So we move onto the next step – How to deal with your ghost:

  • spirit-1713646_1280Find out if it’s friendly – Many ghosts only want friends. Can’t we all relate? If your ghost is friendly, the best thing to do is introduce yourself, learn your ghost’s name, and continue to live with it.
    • If your ghost has shown it has bad manners though, don’t be afraid to reprimand it. Like any roommate, it needs to know what is and isn’t appropriate in the home.
  • Try to negotiate – Remember, in many cases, your ghost was here first. If you can avoid kicking the ghost out of your house, all the better. It’s best to sit down and talk out the problem.
  • If it’s not friendly – Bye, bye ghost. Google how to kick a ghost out of your house and find your nearest local supply store for all your ghost-hunting needs.

Now, if you’re having trouble embracing your new ghost roommate, here are some tips:

  • Remember that ghosts are people too. Dead people, but people all the same.
  • Find something you have in common. I want to be invisible most of the time and you are invisible? Awesome.
  • You have all the ingredients for a great haunted house. Just remember not all ghosts like to be stereotyped as “scary.”

Hopefully this post has helped you figure out how to live with your ghost. I am an expert at such things, because my ghost (Dennis) has lived with me for nearly two years now.


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