Stop, Keep Calm and Carry On

Midterms, midterms everywhere

360a631f4282e260ba37e7514dc2174b5fbc60a3759d033da8208a4ab91eebb2The same conversation, over and over again, about how stressful university life is and how consumed people feel with all the work they have to do. I know how it feels to be drowning in schoolwork. Trust me, I’m an engineer

Not really, but I am a Biology student and sometimes doing a simple thing like grocery shopping becomes a challenging task. Something I have learned through the years is that everyone from Engineering to Political Sciences to Arts stresses about the amount of schoolwork.

Balancing life is a challenge BUT… as I rushed from the Cunningham building (Biology labs) to get breakfast after an almost all-nighter studying (do not recommend it), I stopped. Calmed down. Looked around and noticed that there were so many leaves turning orange and yellow, quite beautiful I must say. I felt peace, and carried on.


img_4472                             img_4471

It was foggy, deer were walking around campus and overall the atmosphere felt like one from the “magical” Disney movies. This didn’t last for too long, though. The sun came out and soon the fog was gone, back to another beautiful day in beautiful B.C.

img_4464              img_4463

We are all rushing, we are trying to hand in assignments, get straight As, go out with friends. I suggest we stop and, if we can, feel happy at least because we are living in a truly wonderful place. I know it is not easy, but just remember to stop, keep calm and carry on.

Have a wonderful week everyone!

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