Running After Myself

The best way to start this story is to say, I ran an 8K with a friend on a whim.

fb_img_1476038732722My friend volunteers with the Heart and Stroke Foundation and they helped organize the GoodLife Fitness marathon, which included an 8K.

A perk with volunteering is that my friend was able to register a team for free and asked me a few days before if I wanted to run. This is the lesson of the story right here, ladies and gentleman: IF AN OPPORTUNITY PRESENTS ITSELF, DON’T BE AFRAID TO SEIZE THAT MOMENT.

Despite the fact I did not train for this event, nor do I like running very much. It didn’t matter; I still tried something new and that’s all that counts.

University is a time where you are encouraged to discover who you are, and that can mean pushing yourself outside your own comfort zone. Even if you ending up hating what you just experienced, it tells you something about yourself.

img_20161018_182333The race started in front of the Parliament Buildings and wound its way up Dallas Road, just past Beacon Hill Park, and looped backed to the finish. It started at 7am, as the fog was still rolling it, with the sun rising in the sky breaking it up; it was really beautiful along the water’s edge.

I ran the 8 kilometers in 49 minutes, which I’ve been told is respectable, but by no means fast. It was a humbling experience; I was getting pasted by everyone. I did not walk a single step of the race, but I was getting pasted by kids, moms with strollers, and even old ladies. I used to think I was pretty fit person. I go to the gym 5 days a week, play sports like volleyball and basketball, yet I was reminded I am not as fit as I’d like to think. It was still a great morning.

img_20161009_093808Afterwards we went to Frankie’s on Government Street for their amazing 6 dollar breakfast before 9am, and witnessed some of the truly great athletes running the 42k full marathon.

University is about trying new things, even if sometimes those things are not your “thing.” However, do not confuse this with me saying go do dumb and irresponsible things. I am saying, do not be afraid to try new things and understand that there is whole world of varied experiences that you can try.

It is about understanding those experiences can lead you to a new passion or love, a new friend, or if you’re lucky a bad experience because it those that make the good ones even sweeter.


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