The Best Places to Cry on Campus

cryingSometimes all you need is a good cry. And more often than not, the urge to cry doesn’t come when you’re all comfortably wrapped up in your bed with a tub of ice cream. So, since finding discreet places to cry on campus has become a skill of mine, I thought I’d share the best places to cry on campus.

1. Counselling Services – Whether you want to see a counselor or just have a quiet place to sit, Counselling Services is always a nice space. Just tell the secretaries you wanted some place to sit and they’ll be more than happy to let you stay in the waiting room. If you want to see someone to talk, depending on the time of day you have several options.

  • First thing in the morning (8:30-8:45): Ask if they have any open appointments or cancellations for that day.
  • Walk-in appointments are Monday-Friday 1-3 pm. They start booking these appointment times at 12:30 and it’s first come, first served so try to arrive before that if you can.
  • Any other time: If it’s an emergency, don’t hesitate to tell the secretaries. They’ll try to get you in as soon as possible.

2. The Bathroom – It might sound cliche (and it is) but the best place to cry is a bathroom. Lock yourself in a stall and let it go. No one can see you and, if they hear you, they’re not exactly going to go investigating in the bathroom. Added bonus? You’re in the perfect place to dab water under your eyes once you’re done.

kleenex3. Cornett – It’s no secret that Cornett is built rather interestingly. The plus side? That means there are plenty of nooks and crannies where no one goes or bothers to look in where you can have a good cry. Outside of Cornett is just as good for hiding places as inside, so find a good place out of the way and let yourself go.

4. The Library – A lesser choice for sure, but if you’re a quiet crier it’s not bad. Most of the desks have blinders on them and everyone is there for their own reasons.

5. Finnerty Gardens – If you want to walk around or even sit on a bench, Finnerty Gardens is a great place to cry. Hardly anyone is ever there, it’s nice and quiet, and the scenery is very peaceful.

6. Outside – Pick a bench, sit down, and cry. The down side? A lot of people are bound to be walking by.

This is no means a comprehensive list of where you can cry on campus – I’m sure the other buildings have private corners – but it’s some of the best spots for sure. Remember there’s support on campus if you’re having a hard time, but if you just need the release, there’s plenty of places to cry in private.

Stay strong. Stay happy.

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