Serene Gardens of UVic

img_9024editThere is a place among the trees that is tranquil, safe, and quiet. A place you can hide from your flatmate, neighbours, homework and all other responsibilities that come with university life.

The best place to go on campus to get away from all the stress is Finnerty Gardens on the outside of Ring Road. Here you will find peace and quiet, along with beautiful flowers that burst with colour and life, trees that filter the light until it is soft and dances of the never ending colours of flower petals.

img_7865From time to time, you may even run into an unexpected guest, whether it’s a mother doe with her three young fawns that have snuck into the gardens undetected, the hummingbirds that flutter from flower to flower looking for the best nectar, or a bunny that bounds into the shadows.

Going to the gardens early in the morning will increase your chances of encountering one of these beautiful animals as they enjoy the quiet of the gardens in the mid-morning sun and the changing colours of autumn that flicker across the sky.

Finnerty Gardens is by far the best place to go to relax with a cup of coffee, as you wander through the winding pathways that will continue to lead you to a previously unseen parts of the garden.








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  1. Lindsay says:

    Beautiful photos!