Learning to Juggle School and Work

memeBalancing work and school has been a constant struggle in my life, so I thought I would share a little step by step guide on how I manage to handle it all, based on my own experience.

First-Year me:

Step 1: Get two jobs at a cafe and a pizza joint.
Step 2: Sign up for four classes.
Step 3: Begin running and constantly making gourmet Pinterest meals.
Step 4: Keep this up until school starts.
Step 5: Receive 66% on your first writing assignment in your favourite subject.
Step 6: Drop your A average to a C.
Step 7: Get so run down you get sick and have to quit your job.

Okay, so clearly, this wasn’t the best plan, especially considering the main reason I came to Victoria was for school, not to be a world renowned barista.

Balancing all of this in my first year was one of those “out-of-the-classroom” teaching moments, but a lot of growing has happened since then. Now I have it a bit more figured out (at least I think I do) in three easy steps that I still have to remind myself of now and again.


Current Fourth-Year me:

Step 1: Quit the job that doesn’t apply to your degree or help you achieve your goals.
While it’s important to have a job that keeps you afloat in Victoria’s fairly unforgiving economy, remember why you’re here! I know this isn’t always an option, don’t get stuck in thinking you’re a slave to the service industry. If you have the option, choose the one that will better yourself in the future. I worked one job part time and made school my number one bae. After I did that, everything around me started falling into place because I had more time to pursue my passion.

Step 2: Always schedule a day where you have no obligations.
This can be a bit trickier, but it’s important to have a day where you don’t have to leave the house unless you want to. Use this time to catch up on homework, but more importantly, take care of yourself! For example, cook ahead for the rest of the week, or binge Netflix, or maybe both. It’s the choice that matters!

Step 3: It’s okay to have a little less money right now.
I used to always stress about having extra cash on hand (and asking my parents for money terrified me), but living on one job as opposed to two helps me manage my money better. The more I worked, the more I was throwing money on fast-food because that’s all I had time for. Now, I’m much more aware of how (usually low) my bank account is and can budget for things. It’s just one of those things that sucks for now, but will really help you in the long run.

Overall, just don’t overwork yourself, because eventually the best jugglers will drop some balls along the way. So for now, I feel like I have this school and work thing figured out. But, when it comes to the actual adult working world, I’m happily taking advice for that anytime!


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