A Night Of Song, Dance, And Yelling

img_2173editThere are two nights a year at UVic that are very special nights. They are the nights in which you are allowed to dress in lingerie, throw rice and toast at the theater screen, and yell and sing as loud as you can, all without being kicked out for being unruly. These nights are the nights The Rocky Horror Picture Show is playing at Cinecenta.

Whether you decide to dress as one of your favorite characters, fill your pockets full of rice, or yell call back lines during the movie, you are sure to have fun watching this cult classic with your friends and fellow weirdos.

img_2216editIf you decide to dress up be assured there will be many others dressed to impress Frankenfurter himself. And if it is your first time going to see the show at a midnight showing in theaters you may be marked as a Rocky Horror virgin to complete your  experience.

Rocky Horror has everything from murder, dance numbers, and aliens, to the artificial creation of life. If you don’t go for the cult classic, go for the sheer novelty of yelling in a theater without risk of being removed from the premises.  You won’t regret spending $5 on an experience like the one Rocky Horror has to offer. Just be prepared for the time warp, a shower of rice, and of course rain in the theater!

Creatures of the night unite in joyous song, dance, and the yelling of expletives.



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