An Open Letter to all New Students

Cheering for VikesAs I end my journey, you are all starting your adventure. A time full of excitement, starting fresh, meeting new people and trying things you’ve never done before. The steps you are about to embark on are exciting, frightening, overwhelming and rewarding.

Thinking back to my first day on campus, I was excited but also nervous. I remember my parents driving me over from Vancouver to get settled into my dorm room, Cluster 5803. At the end of the evening, my parents left and we all shed a little tear but knew that it was a temporary upset before I found myself.

Over the past 4 years, that’s exactly what I’ve done. I have found myself. From flunking an exam to getting straight As; from my first all-nighter to catching my first wave with the surf club; from achieving getting my first campus job to participating in my first yoga rave; from meeting lifelong friends in residence to living on my own off-campus; from crossing my first slack line to crossing the graduation stage… this is MY UVIC LIFE!

12087704_1685913038315589_4723677349100744710_oDespite all of these firsts, these achievements and these incredible opportunities, I have to thank my university. Without UVic, I would not have been able to make the most rewarding and best experience out of my time. There’s just so much to see, do, hear, think. There’s so much to try, to overcome, to experience and to be a part of. I haven’t just attended a university, I’ve become a part of a community.

I have to give a huge shout out to Vikes Nation for allowing me to persevere in so many ways. The endless connections, job opportunities, volunteer experiences and life lessons that have been taught from my commitment to Vikes Athletics and Recreation have been endless.

Not only this, but I want to thank my academic professors who have become more than just lecturers but mentors and friends. I also want to thank the unbelievable help that comes from the health and wellness aspect on campus – without you guys, I wouldn’t be here!

12095216_1685913788315514_9001174849425870080_oAs I start my final year, I look back to all the fantastic feats and the lowest lows but the highest highs. It’s been a wild ride but something I would not trade for ANYTHING. I can’t even begin to describe the incredible fun you are all about to have. You’ll make new friends, everlasting relationships, vivid memories and everlasting moments.

This is a time of triumph, many life lessons and you’re about to accomplish so much more than you ever thought possible. I can’t wait for you to have all the fun in the world and meet all the amazing people that are about to help shape your pathway to experience and success.

From this old university student to all you new university students – welcome! Embrace the journey, live, have fun, be wild, get in trouble, study lots, drink too much caffeine, but most importantly, never be afraid to take a chance and do something for yourself.

Strap in, this ride is about to take off!


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