Top 10 Back to School Events at UVic

If you’re a returning Vike, welcome back! If you’re a brand new Vike, WELCOME!

There are 10 events during the 6 week orientation that you need to check out when you arrive to campus! Whether you are a new member to Vikes Nation or an OG, there’s no better way to celebrate September than living it up (before midterms, finals, assignments and projects start to kick your booty). After all, WE ARE VIKES NATION and we know what’s up!

In date order:


When: September 4, 2016

11953456_1679068539000039_2074934263074833024_oAlmost every new student that attends UVic will live on residence and I am SOOO excited for you!

Residence is amazing. It’s a place with new experiences, new friends, lasting memories and loads of excitement. It’s where you’ll learn how to cook some of the best gourmet microwave meals as well as start building some of your most meaningful life relationships.

There’s so much that happens during move in day! Not only will you be lugging your entire life in a shopping cart to your dorm room, but you’ll meet amazing university staff, connect with other students and start settling in for a year of awesomeness!

In addition to moving in, there will be a ton of fun activities going on right in front of Village Greens. Make sure to check it out for your fill of fun and free swag. For more information about move in day and residence/family orientation, check out the webpage. Another great read is  Rachel’s flashback to residence blog post.




When: September 6, 2016

21288894541_2663b567a6_zEvery year, the University of Victoria welcomes in a flood of undergraduate and graduate students to our campus. We do it up hard and we do it well with loads of excitement, information and free stuff.

If you’re new to the university, make sure to register for orientation to get the latest scoop on everything UVic! There’s even a special ceremony in the CARSA Performance Gym and a free BBQ lunch – you won’t want to miss it!

Plus, you meet loads of neat people from your faculty and you might even meet your new BFF. Check out this guest blog post from Carissa Kocsis on all latest deets regarding the NSO.

students at orientation


#8 THUNDERFEST (Campus Kick Off)

When: September 9, 2016

It’s not back to school unless you’ve been to Thunderfest! This kick off event features fun and games from all over campus as well as the city!

We’ve got loads for you to do from inflatable arenas to drumming workshops! There are tons of activities to partake in and so much offered! You’ll find information on sports clubs, university offerings as well as local community partners!

Meet our Vikes teams, make some new friends, learn about Vikes recreation programming, listen to live music, officially sign on to Vikes Nation and have FUN with over 50 great booths with giveaways and lots of giant inflatables/games to play.

Be sure to fill out your official ThunderFest Passport to be eligible to win one of three great prizes (3x $500 dollar tuition credit) given away at DAYS OF THUNDER (below). Last year saw 4,000 attendees at the afternoon festivities at the SUB!

If you’re 19+ then head to Felicita’s Campus Pub later that evening for the Blue & Gold after party! Join the official event on the Facebook page.  ARE YOU IN?



When: September 9, 2016

21408489841_7e2aa21197_kThe annual kick off game happens on September 9 as the Vikes soccer team take on the UFV Cascades in the home opener event that sets the tone for our year.

Last year, we saw a record number of students (nearing to 3,000) and the crowd was LIT! It was a record year and there was so much blue and gold, Vikes Nation spirit!

From the epic skydiving game-ball kick off to the screaming fans, we showed what we’re made of at UVic. Don’t miss out on chances to win loads of prizes including free shirts and 1 of 3 $500 tuition credits. Plus, there will be tons of special prizes from our very own Thunder the Mascot!

If you want to feel the power of Vikes Nation, make sure you check out this free event!




When: September 13, 2016

Welcome to CARSA! Where whatever you’re fit, you’ll find!

Come join us for a day of free fun including weight room access, scheduled group fitness classes as well as informal drop in to the field house and rock wall.

As a brand new facility on campus, we host a ton of different recreation opportunities and we’d love for you to come check it out. Stop by, tour the area and then rock on with a work out! Completely free!




When: September 14 + 15, 2016

Whatever you are into, you’ll find at the University of Victoria. We have something for everyone from the skydiving club to the billiards club and from the Quidditch Club to the Surf Club.

Being a part of a club or course union is awesome! There’s an automatic group of people that you share a similar interest with that become your friends both inside and outside of the club! I remember joining a few clubs in my first year and have made connections that I never thought possible!

Since we are a West Coast school and a “destination university”, you’ll find a lot of specific West Coast themed clubs from kayaking to scuba diving and caving to snowboarding! Not only that, but we have loads of sports clubs that also have different tiers from recreation to competitive.

Here, you’ll also find information on intramurals – registered sports leagues that play on a weekly basis (more at If you haven’t already, I highly recommend that you check out clubs day and be apart of something! You don’t need any experience to join any clubs. Bonus, some clubs even take weekly or semesterly trips! Check it out here!



When: September 29, 2016

12052387_1685913671648859_552901312968300166_oLet’s roll, let’s rumble, let’s get ready for Days of Thunder! The kickoff basketball event of the year happens on September 29!

With a sell out crowd of 2300 students, this event sees huge waves of school spirit, rad face paint and insane cheers! Come watch the Vikes battle it on the court while we scream and cheer for victory.

Last year, the crowd was wild and we even gave away a free TV with a half court shot for one lucky student. You’ll definitely want to be there for this free event in the CARSA Performance Gym.




17200600310_750ff24b40_z#3 VIKES FIT WEEK

When: October 3 – 9, 2016

Every year, UVic Athletics and Recreation hosts Vikes Fit Week – a week where you can try a variety of classes at CARSA for FREE!

This year, we’ve loaded up on all the free givings and are offering some amazing things like free spin classes as well as an opportunity to get belay certified at the Pennisula Co-Op Climbing Wall!

You’ll also find swim classes, yoga classes and dance classes! Whatever you’re into, you’ll find it at CARSA!



12823297_1728243254082567_4871287115844200646_oWhen: October 7, 2016

I’m oot and aboot on my polar bear, eh? What better way to celebrate Vikes Nation and the Canadian nation than a good old game of hockey!

Come and watch the season opener hockey game as the Vikes battle for victory! FREE for students at the Ian Stewart Complex.

Last year we saw a record crowd and sold out within minutes! We’ll have music bumping, hot chocolate rolling, free swag, noisemakers and popcorn popping.

Bring your friends and be ready for a rowdy time – oh and dress warm!




When: October 13, 2016

23866195324_12a53c00fb_oYou’ve played dodgeball, right? Well, have you played glow in the dark dodgeball?! You haven’t?! Well, let me break open a whole new can of worms.

Once a year, the Vikes host a glow in the dark dodgeball tournament that’s totally FREE for all students.

We bring in glow in the dark paint, glow balls, LED lights, a live DJ and an epic good time.

All you need to do is show up in glow/neon gear with a bunch of your friends and get ready for some serious fun. Check out last year’s event here.



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2 Responses

  1. hasib says:

    Hey what would be a good time to show to those evens and where?

    • Kevin says:

      Hi Hasib! Thanks for the comment and sorry for the late reply – it’s been a wild and busy time with Vikes Nation! For detailed information regarding times on events, check out Thunder the-Mascot’s Facebook page ( Most the events are posted here. If they aren’t, drop me another message or email for info. We suggest showing 10 minutes early to most events and 20-30 minutes early for bigger events like Days of Thunder Basketball or Dodge in the Dark.