Best Study Spots on Campus

With the new school year starting, I thought I’d give you a little list of some my favourite places to study on campus!

1. Library – This space is three floors full of great study space, with accessible computers, and resource books. Throughout the library are private study rooms that you can book online! Each floor is designated for a different purpose (noise level basically) for whatever kind of cram mode you’re looking for:

  • First Floor – Desks, computers, International Commons area for exchange students to meet, Help Centres for free tutoring and assistance (Math, Writing, English, etc)
  • Second Floor – Quiet talking is permitted so it’s great for group work and a more casual/social study session
  • Third Floor – The silent floor is great for when you want to get down to business without distractions. There are tons of cubbies and if you go one mini stair case up from there, you will find the mezzanine where there are more places to work (the mez is my personal favourite spot).
  • Biblio Cafe – Since there is no food permitted in the library, this is a good spot to work if you want to take a break to eat, or work in a social setting


2. Clearihue Building – It’s open 24 hours…so perfect for late night cram sessions. After classes are over for the day, students are free to claim classrooms to use. Grab some buddies, order some pizza from Domino’s with your student discount, and stock up on coffee for a full blown night of being studious. There are also computer rooms with PCs and Macs in the basement and first floor.



3. Munchie Bar – With the best coffee on campus, it’s a great spot to work if you are in the mood for a more casual study session. Located in the Student Union Building, it’s also a perfect stop in between or before classes to meet up with friends!

4. Curriculum Library – This is a spot in the education wing of campus, located in the MacLaurin building! It’s a fun library with lots of light and cubbies.

5. Law Library – Shh…it’s a low key secret and the law students like to keep this one to themselves, but if you’re planning on having a serious study day and aren’t going to mess around, it’s a beautiful spot to work. Just be prepared to be labeled a SNAIL (students not actually in law).

6. Finnerty Express Cafe – This conveniently located coffee shop is right by the UVic Bus Loop, which makes it a great place to meet up with friends, professors, study buddies or to work alone in a casual setting.


The Quad

Where is your favourite place to study on campus? Leave us a note in the comments!

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  1. Law Student says:

    NOOO the law library is ours, haha.