7 Things to do in Victoria Before Summer Ends

The beginning of the school year is almost upon us, but that doesn’t mean fun summer activities have to stop! In Victoria, we are lucky enough to have warm, sunny weather well into September/October. So even when classes start, the weekends will still feel like summer, which should be fully taken advantage of before an autumn chill creeps into the air. Here are a few of my favourite summer activities to do in Victoria:

1. Spend a relaxing day floating around Durrance Lake

Beautiful Durrance Lake

I was introduced to Durrance Lake about 4 years ago, and it quickly became my favourite summer hangout spot. The water is clear, and the lake floor is sandy, which makes for excellent swimming. The best way to enjoy Durrance is to bring an inner tube or air mattress and spend the day floating around the lake with your friends! On the way home, get an ice cream cone at the Red Barn Market.




A preview of what you can expect at Jam Cafe

2. Grab brunch with your friends

Food Network has declared Victoria the brunch capital of Canada. Am I surprised? Not really! There are countless fantastic brunch spots around the city to choose from, each one offering unique options. My current favourites are the The Village, which has a Jewish-influenced menu with traditional family recipes, Jam Cafe, known for their delicious eggs benny, and Cora, a breakfast/lunch chain that originated in Montreal and has a MASSIVE menu.


3. Treat yourself at the Oak Bay Beach Hotel

The Oak Bay Beach Hotel is a luxury hotel located right on the ocean in Oak Bay. While staying at this swanky hotel may be out of many students’ budgets, you can get the experience for a fraction of the price by getting a day pass to the pool/spa, or purchasing a spa treatment which gives you access to the mineral pools for the rest of the day. I did this after writing the LSAT, and it was the ultimate way to relax after taking a stressful exam!


Incredible view!

4.  Bike out to Sidney on the Lochside Trail

This is my favourite bike route in Victoria. The Lochside Trail stretches from Swartz Bay to Victoria, past beaches and rural farmland, and down picturesque country lanes. This bike ride is particularly enjoyable in late summer/early fall because the leaves are changing colour and you get to ride past the Mitchell’s Farm pumpkin patch. If you bike all the way to Sidney, make a stop at the Sidney Bakery to fuel your ride back into town!


Victoria is full of wonderful places to cycle.

5. Go swimming at the Sooke Potholes


A great place to swim!

The Sooke Potholes Regional Park is a unique swimming oasis located about 45 mins from Victoria. The water is really cold, but it’s beautiful and clear, and great for swimming! The rocks are also great for sunbathing.






6. Go for a hike at East Sooke Park

East Sooke Park is my favourite place to go hiking in the Victoria area. One of the trails stretches all along the coast, making for picture-perfect views. There are shorter loops you could do, or you could make a day of it and do a 10km trail. My German Shepherd, Teddy, loves this park too!


Teddy loves it too!









7. Enjoy lunch or dinner on a patio

Last, but not least… savour the last few weeks of patio season! Having lunch or dinner on a sunny patio is one of the joys of summer that are difficult to say goodbye to when autumn hits. My favourite patios in Victoria are The Local and Canoe Brewpub.

Having lunch with my husband at The Local

Having lunch with my husband at The Local

As you can see, there’s tons to do in Victoria during the summer months. Enjoy the warm weather while you can, and knock a few of these off your list!

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