How to Talk Like a First Year UVic Student


Coming to UVic from another place, it can be hard to find your community on campus. However, it is always a good first step to observe your surroundings carefully and see how you can maybe just secretly blend in.

Now that you’ve learned how to do that visually, you might want to spark up a dialogue with the people at UVic. So the logical next step is to learn how the students here talk and what’s hip that moment (“hip,” for example, is not hip).

To make the transition to Victoria easier for you, Levi and I put a list together of all the terms you need to sound like a UVic first year, after we carefully observed our surroundings for the last seven months.

1. Lit – Use “lit” to describe anything that was “dope”, “awesome” or “great” in 2015. Example: “Bro, this egg burger is frickin’ lit!”

2. Squad – Those five letters include all of the friends you’re going to make at UVic. All the people you want to have with you when you walk up to a party in slow motion like the cool kids at the beginning of a teen movie do.  #SquadGoals amarite!?

3. On Fleek – We’re not even sure what this refers to, but golly gee do the cool kids ever know it? From what we have been able to deduce, outfits can be “on fleek” but your research paper wouldn’t be… Be careful with this one.

4.Legit – Legit, short for “legitimate”, is used to establish something that is the real deal. Example: “Dude, these onion rings are legit as f**k.”

5.Feelin’ it – Bro just agreed to throw a banger at his mom’s place? Just got a free lunch from the Community Cabbage? Girl you’re crushing on accidentally looked at you in class? “Feelin’ it, bro… Feelin’ it.”

6. Fam – You had to leave your real fam to go to school, but don’t worry, when you get to UVic, you’ll get a new “fam”: all of those people you take pictures with at a party, the people you go out for lunch with, and even the people in class you barely know. The only downside: they won’t pay for your groceries.

7. Bless – This is a very flexible word and, we have to be honest here, we’re not even sure we have all its uses figured out yet. It can definitely work as “thank you” after receiving a compliment or as a simple agreement, but it still sounds kinda religious? You’re going to have to explain this one UVic…

8. Like – This one’s especially for the girls. Because, like, what’s a sentence without, like, four extra words, that like, add literally, like, no added information?

So the next time someone invites you to their party, an appropriate answer would be “Squad up bro, let’s get frickin’ LIT!” or, if you prefer something more easy and simple: “Bless.”

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3 Responses

  1. uvic student says:

    Must’ve been a slow day…

  2. Ninanina says:

    As an International student in Ontario, I was really hoping the BC kids didn’t speak like this too.. Oh well.

    • Anna says:

      Haha, I’m sorry to hear that. But as a second language speaker, I kind of enjoy seeing this slang and how it differs from the standard I learned in school!