Ready, Set, Go: A Vikes Workout Playlist

Spotify-blog-sqSome days, getting out the door and moving can be a huge drag. Having a great playlist is a great way to help with the motivation.

Enjoy this eclectic Spotify mix of what some of our Vikes Varsity Athletes listen to get their energy up for workouts. There’s a little bit of everything in there for whether you’re running, weight lifting, spinning, power walking, or anything to get your sweat on.

Play Vikes Workout Playlist

Collaboration with the help of: Prabh Sahota (Field Hockey), James Pitblado (Rugby), Forrest Simpson (Cross Country/Track), Lindsay Machin (Soccer), Grant Sitton (Basketball), Maxine Chapman (Rowing), Emma Greig (Soccer), Cam Hundal (Soccer), Isaac Kaij (Rugby), Adam Donaldson (Rowing), Jess Neilson (Rugby), Kathleen Leahy (Field Hockey), Hayley Francois (Cross Country/Track), Reiner Theil (Basketball), Jenna Krug (Basketball), Vanessa Sjoberg (Cross Country/Track), Jai Parhar (Rugby)


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