Top 6 ways to look like a UVic student

Let’s set the scene; you’ve just graduated high school and you’ve been accepted by the University of Victoria. With this whole new life ahead of you, your first thought probably isn’t, “How am I going to pay for this?” or “Do I even know what I want to do with my life?” but rather: “Damn, I hope I can fit in with all the cool kids on campus.”

Thankfully, the whole UVic blog team has gathered together to bring you the most comprehensive list of how to look like a UVic student.

1. Blundstones, Hunter Boots, and Birkenstocks… AT ALL TIMES.

Regardless of the weather, these three pieces of footwear are constantly appropriate. Birks in the winter, Blundstones in the summer, the world is your oyster.


2. Man Buns and beards… should be grown if they can be grown. Hipster lumberjacks are a staple of the UVic environment. (Plaid shirts are encouraged.)

A-hipster-with-a-shaggy-beard-and-a-full-man-bun-hair-style iphone_lumbersexual_560

3. Mason Jars… because we are sustainable, and fashionable. Whether you need to transport your tea, soup, or miniature ant farm, these former housekeeping essentials are now your main stay everyday container.


4. UVic Hoodies… Wearing a UVic hoodie is like wearing a Canucks jersey; you can prove your support for the local team, and avoid doing laundry at the same time.


5. Herschel Backpacks… I’m not even sure why or when these backpacks became popular (can anybody explain this?), but they are an absolute staple if you want to look anything like a real UVic student.


6. Macbooks… How could you possibly check Facebook and write papers without a thousand-dollar computer? (Vikes Nation stickers are encouraged)




The UVic student look is like Rome—It wasn’t built in a day. These crucial components make take your entire four-year (plus victory lap) degree to complete. Just think of it as an investment, something to be constantly improving and working on—in addition to your school work, that is.

If you think that we have missed anything, please feel free to let us (and everyone thinking of applying) know!

Thanks from everyone at the UVic blog team!

Photo credits:

spring 2013 hackNY student hackathon via photopin (license)
boots via photopin (license)
UVic triathlon team

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6 Responses

  1. Kevin Ram says:

    Hahaha Levi, this is awesome! I especially love the bit about “Vikes Nation stickers are encouraged”

  2. Carissa says:

    This made me laugh out loud – so accurate! Great post Levi 🙂

  3. BM says:

    When the anti-uniform turns into a uniform, it’s no longer a symbol of rebellion – but of conformity … rather ironic. If anything, you should explore your uniqueness in university. Figure out your passions. Dare to be different. Never run with the masses.

  4. snoop says:

    Depressing that someone could graduate high school and still be worried about fitting in with a “cool crowd” based on looks. Apparently attending university is not an experience of finding yourself, your passions, your aspirations and what you’re going to do in the world; it’s a fashion column.

    Vic does have a unique style, and I can see how this would be a pressing issue for first years and students new to the area, but remember: if you’re worrying too much about how to dress, there’s probably something you should be studying!

    PS. Fucking Aritzia sweaters.

  5. Stephen says:

    Buncha left-wing socialist pot-smoking hippies in that town.