The morning after Valentine’s Day: The life of a single

chocolateIf you’re anything like me, you’re a hopeless romantic who loves sappy gestures and mushy days like Valentine’s Day – but in reality, you try to pretend that it’s just like any other normal day until the morning after, when the chocolate and candy go on sale.

You’ve read libraries full of books and watched countless movies about romance, whether it’s Disney, romantic comedies, tragedies, or even action movies with a romantic twist thrown in (because explosions and fight scenes still kick A$$).

You’ve imagined the moment when you have actually found someone to spend your life with, and then reality rudely interrupts for the umpteenth time, forcing you to go about your regularly scheduled routine.

The movies, books, and TV shows have trained us to think of life as if it will somehow flash forward like it always does for our favorite characters. While you’re washing the dishes or making a meal, just like in the movies, that special someone magically appears from another room and every hurt you’ve experienced doesn’t matter anymore, because it brought you both together. Well, pop that dream because reality has once again barged in like an unwelcome guest and you’re left to take care of everything yourself because life has forced you to become an independent individual who gets S&%! done.

As it happens every year, Valentines Day comes and you “choose” 😉 to use it to celebrate the people that you love like family and friends, but most importantly it’s time to celebrate the food, chocolate and Netflix.

Whether it was painful or surprisingly enjoyable, this hopelessly romantic and overrated day passes and the world is back to normal. So it’s time to get yourself up, get ready (because unfortunately this year, the morning after is a Monday and you have responsibilities) and get your butt to the grocery store nice and early to stock up on the Valentines Day sales. Welcome to another year survived! As a single person, this holiday may be difficult, but the morning after is a whole lot sweeter ;).

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