One Saturday Morning I Was Walking Along……

IMG_0938Waves are crashing at my feet as I walk along the beaches of Clover Point. I call out to Baye (my dog), as I do every Saturday morning on our casual walks. I can see she’s contently sniffing away until she suddenly stops and I know she’s found something good. Now the word “good” in a dog’s mind generally means stinky, gross, and yummy.

To my surprise I find her sniffing this pile of plastic garbage that’s washed up onto the beach. As I call her away, I can’t help but notice the amount of debris washed up from the stormy sea. I am absolutely dumbfounded at the plastic garbage washed up.

I knew I had to do something so I backtracked to the car to find a garbage bag. Unfortunately I had none. Then it hit me! I’ll get a couple of the park’s doggy poop bags and fill them up! Perfect time to pick some garbage. Here is what I found:

  • A car tire
  • Plastic shotgun shells (probably those darn fisherman shooting seals again)
  • Plastic jugs
  • Bottle caps
  • Tampon tubes (lots of different colors)
  • A couple of syringes
  • Latex gloves
  • A dish brush
  • A couple of random shoes
  • Styrofoam
  • Drinking straws

You name anything plastic and it was probably there. It did feel pretty satisfying to have a couple of small garbage bags full. I noticed other people beginning to pick up once I passed them. It’s amazing how much people care and don’t care about the beautiful waters that surround this amazing island.

I wish I could have spent the day picking plastic up, but I felt I did a small part. So, if you’re ever out on the beaches of beautiful Vancouver Island and happen to see some plastic on the beach, do me, you and the environment a favour and just pick it up and put it in a poop bag or whatever you happen to have.

It’s so important we keep our water clean not only for us and future generations to enjoy, but think of the ocean creatures! Thanks for watching!!

IMG_0929      IMG_0954

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1 Response

  1. Cathie says:

    Those poop bags come in handy! Thanks for doing your part, and great video!