Christmas Holiday Show and Tell

sarahDo you remember when you were in elementary school and had to write an “essay” on what you did during your winter vacation?

Well, I have decided to bring that long forgotten tradition back, so here it is.

Christmas Holiday Show and Tell: University Edition


That picture above was just a trick to get you onto my post. This is how my brother and I really take pictures. So loving.


Here we have an awkward family selfie for you to peruse.


And what is the holiday season without the all-important Christmas tree.


My dad and I went to Fired Up in Victoria and made some candle holders and flower pots as you usually do during the holidays.


As you can tell, we are very accomplished artists.

New Year's selfie

Our New Year’s selfie was a little blurry this year, but you get the idea.


Although I told my parents I came home to see them, the real reason was to see the most important things that live in my house.



And a final awkward family photo before making the trek back to UVic.

P.S. Thanks to my stepdad John who, because he had the longest arms, was designated as our official selfie taker.

So I suppose my Show and Tell turned into more of a scrapbook, but they say a picture is worth a thousand words. (Was that too cheesy?)

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