Have Yourself a Merry American Christmas

I know, I know, we all had enough of Christmas and all this stuff but excuse me while I treat you to one more Christmasy thing: a little video about my break!

I went and visited a friend in Bellingham, Washington, just past the US border, to spend an American Christmas with her and her family.

There are definitely some differences in the way Canadians and Germans normally celebrate. The biggest thing: the decorations. In Germany, you will mostly have one string of lights on your house in one colour. Otherwise, you know, the neighbours would start talking about how you are going crazy over Christmas.

But it seems that in America people aren’t afraid to show how they really feel. For example about their local football team. Just… watch the video. It’s ridiculous.

Other things that didn’t make it into the video include more eating, some small presents I got that I’m super happy about, as well as several days of just doing nothing. Which was super great, but not easy to film.

I hope you all had wonderful holidays in 2015, enjoy 2016 and forgive me for putting Jingle Bells back in your head.

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