7 Reasons Why “Healthy Sexuality” is the Best Elective at UVic

In the early stages of every semester the university world becomes a tornado of last minute class dropping and frantic schedule adjustments. At the suggestion of my girlfriend, I slipped into HLTH 251 – Healthy Sexuality and never looked back.

This class is widely talked about on campus and almost everyone has taken it, or knows someone who has. Here are 7 reasons why.

1. The Teacher: Nothing quite compares to a lecture by Charlotte Loppie. She is utterly fearless; there is nothing she won’t say or a subject she won’t tackle. Here are a few examples of her classroom etiquette.

A) Through a series of tangents she asks a room of 300 students what a “dad-bod” is.

B) She often refers to the sex life between her and her deceased husband because “What does he care now? He’s dead anyways.”

C) During a class on STIs she says, “Well OK let’s see, who else here has had gonorrhea?” and raises her hand. The room laughs awkwardly. “What, am I the only one having fun around here?”

I finish by reminding you that Charlotte is “not quite 60.”

Condoms+Cucumbers2. Sex Ed on Steroids: We all learned how to awkwardly put a condom on a cucumber at some point in our upbringing. This class revolutionizes every person’s most feared discussion with their parents.

3. It’s Easy: I got an A in this class. ‘Nuff said. Charlotte has specifically designed this class into 4 non-cumulative tests, AND THEY’RE ALL MULTIPLE CHOICE. That being said, I studied the textbook, showed up to every class, and went over my class slides before each exam.

4. It’s Super Important: You are going to learn a buttload of stuff in university, but very few of them will be as applicable to your day to day life as this class. Why do we think sex is this innate knowledge imbued into every human being at birth? This class removes all the stigma around humanity’s most controversial activity.

5. You’ll Literally Have Better Sex Because Of This Class: As mentioned above, every guy who goes to university thinks he’s a beast in the sheets. Truth be told, you probably know more about the rocks at the bottom of the ocean than you do about the stuff in between your legs.

6. You’ll Be a Better Person: Here’s a little statistic: 49% of women have been sexual abused or coerced while in university… that means half the women you see walking around campus every day. Not saying that you’re out there touching girls’ butts without permission, but this class shows the intricacies of sexual rights and how to be mannerly in your courtship.

7. Consent: You’ll hear this one a lot over the course of this class, and so you should. You wouldn’t take a person’s sandwich without asking; why would it be any less important when having sex?

Consent Yoda

Answer the questions WebMD never will. Invest in your future sex life, and become a better person; sign up for HLTH 251.

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2 Responses

  1. Kevin says:

    I took this class and it was the best!! I love Charlotte. She’s a riot and more!