Hello From Home…..JK I’m Still At School

458557_4657413509061_1008424382_oAs I write this I can hear the sound of someone dragging their suitcase over the cobblestones, obviously on their way home for the holidays. They are happy, done with the term, feeling free, and excited about all of the food their mum is going to make them once they are home.

Then there is me, staring out the window like Scrooge watching all of the happy students leave while I am still stuck here.

I don’t sound bitter, do I?

In all honesty, it’s really not that bad. Granted, I have been done school since the ninth, but because I am a CL  I still have to work, so I have had spare time to wallow in the fact that I am not home eating Christmas cookies and going to chop down a tree like we usually do. But it has given me time to just hang out with friends and catch up on some reading that is not from a textbook.

The end is in sight, I can see the light in the distance, and the countdown has begun. In a few days my mum will take the extensive drive from my hometown to Victoria (one hour…) to pick me up. You would not believe how excited I am. My brother goes to university in Vancouver, and he is coming home the same day! He is my best friend and I haven’t seen him since the term started, so I am beyond hyped.  Also…. I get to see my cat, which honestly is almost more exciting than seeing any of my family.

Soon I will be home, eating food not ready-made for a few thousand people, sleeping in my own bed, and having a nice lonnnnggg hot tub.  🙂

So I guess I will see you all (metaphorically) in the new year!

P.S. I am working at the orientation for new students living in residence in January, so if that is you, come say hi!

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