This is NOT a “How to Win in Intramurals” Guide

vikesnationWith Christmas just around the corner, big things are happening in the lives of students. One thing that may come to mind is final exams. But more importantly, intramurals are wrapping up, and it’s playoff time!

Intramural playoffs may seem a little complicated with all the teams and divisions, but it’s really quite simple: show up, and it’s sudden death format; game seven, overtime, Stanley Cup finals style.

Now I wish I could tell you guys all about the sweeter side of playoffs, such as winning a division, or even a game… yes that’s right, one single game. In my two years of intramural volleyball, and one semester of soccer, we have yet to win a single playoff game. So here I will give some insight on the how to make intramurals a positive experience, winning aside, and why it is important to immerse yourselves into the intramural scene!

First of all, our team, Benny and the Jets, is comprised of all my friends from first year residence. From my second year experience to date, seeing these friends is surprisingly difficult. I can no longer walk up a flight of stairs and knock on a door; I have to trek across town, or find time on campus (neither are as obvious as they seem). Not only is intramural a space for us to come together and play something we all enjoy and compete, it acts as a much needed social gathering mid-week that otherwise would be difficult to achieve.

volleyball-netSecondly, it’s a great way to break up the week, a day, even a study session. For us, we played every Thursday night. I look forward to this day every week as it was one the best de-stressers for me.

I enjoy going to the gym, but when pushing weight around, you can always have that next assignment consuming your thoughts. In intramurals, all the deadlines seem to evaporate for an hour and a half. And it’s perfect–no matter how busy you are, you don’t want to miss games and let the team down, so you HAVE to come through for the team.

Thirdly, it is extra physical activity. In my days prior to university, I ski raced at an international level. I skied with the Alberta Ski Team and competed across the globe. Now that I am in university, this level of sport is no longer realistic.

To pursue academics, I had to hang up the skis, and retire from the slopes. I know I will never compete at a high level like that again, and intramural fills that competitive void to an extent. We may not win often, but it keeps you on your toes and wanting to win.

And not only do intramurals fill a competitive void, they act as a de-stresser. You have a couple hours to just not think about academics. In university, more class work means less time for hobbies. For me, sports and activity are hobbies, and I don’t have all the time to fit in activity like I used to. Intramurals provides this for me. It is always an excuse to get out, move around, and get a little competitive.

The other day, we showed up for our playoffs. We all came to play and spark an intramural legacy. We started at 7:00, and were ready to play till much later, assuming we keep winning. We got absolutely spanked in our first game which sent us packing in a whopping 20 minutes. Our whole season concluded in 20 minutes. Easy bumps, sets, and spikes? Nah, just breakdown after dysfunction.

Although we were disappointed in our efforts, the beauty of playing on Thursdays is that it just so happens to be karaoke night at the campus bar, Felicita’s.

I know there was nothing here that will help y’all win games, but I hope this encourages some to come out a play for other reasons. Isn’t that what it’s all about? Just having fun?

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