From the Heart: UVic’s Blood Donor Community

As university students there are responsibilities you inherit with age: paying bills, buying high fibre content cereal, and judging how much longer you can go without doing laundry.

In your newfound adulthood, given your pride in having voted in the 2015 federal election – good on you – you’ve perhaps forgotten further social responsibilities. In 2014 British Colombia imported 16,000 units of blood from other provinces to meet local demand. UVic recently hosted a Canadian Blood Services clinic on campus, but the reality is BC needs more regular donors to maintain the provincial blood supply.

The registration process is incredibly straight forward. Begin at the Canadian Blood Services website to find out if you’re eligible. Bite the bullet, make an appointment and get involved. From UVic there are two bus lines which go directly to the Victoria Blood Services clinic – the 16 and the 26 (right across from Uptown shopping centre, the one with the Walmart. You ramen devouring students know where that is).

Elena_bloodservicesMy recent experience with Canadian Blood Services was shockingly convenient. I donated between classes on a Wednesday. I filled out a few registration papers – name, address, etc. and then moved to answering a few brief questions about my physical health and medical history. My nerves quickly subsided when speaking with the enthusiastic staff and other donors. Clad with my ‘First Time Donor’ sticker, the donation process itself went remarkably quickly.

Then it was all about the snacks. Scared donating a pint of your blood will leave you grumpy? I assure you, the free Oreos and juice will combat your mood swings.

So whether you’re in it for the good of it, or for the good of free snacks – be sure to get involved. If you’re a first time donor, grab a buddy, hold each other accountable to your new adult goals. If you’re a regular donor, also grab a buddy – introduce someone new!

UVic’s next campus blood drive is on February 1st 2016. See you there you wannabe adults; blood – it’s in you to give.

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