Day-to-Day UVic Essentials


Everyone has some kind of medium to carry books and whatnot around from class to class. For me, it’s a disagreeable, off-mustard-coloured backpack. This colour is not my favourite by any means, but it’s easily spottable and, for the most part, not confused with anyone else’s. Now that we have that established, here are my day-to-day UVic essentials:

  1. Laptop: Being an English major, this houses all that is mighty. Representing the Vikes and The Martlet with stickers.
  2. Composite notebook: I always have it on my hip to jot down ideas, or for notes if I forget my class notebooks.
  3. Pencil case: Mine is always stuffed with a gross amount of pencils and pens. I’ve come to learn you can never have too many!
  4. Wallet with my OneCard: Wallet, for obvious reasons. My OneCard is always locked and loaded for either CARSA, the bus or, most likely, my next food purchase at Mystic Market.
  5. Bike tool: I try and ride my bike to school every day, and you never know when something will come loose. Another bonus about Victoria; bikes are rideable all year, and bike paths are easy to navigate. I highly recommend all students acquire one ASAP. (Tip: learn about the Spokes program!)
  6. Keys on a Vikes Nation lanyard: A must for every student at UVic: It’s key for your keys…
  7. Earbuds: I always need some beats to study, or walk to my next class.
  8. A copy of UVic’s Academic Writing Essentials: This little sucker has pretty well everything you need to write a paper, in any class. From all citation styles to “how to use a comma properly,” it  has you covered.
  9. Water bottle: Hydration is key. Also, a bottle is reusable which beats paper cups all day!
  10. UVic binder: There is nothing worse than handing in a wrinkled, coffee stained paper to your prof. This little gem might just eliminate that problem.
  11. Frisbee: A classic activity to do in the Quad on a nice day. Plus, it is a great way to meet people on campus!
  12. Red pepper: I am often eating raw veggies on the road and it just so happens that today, it’s a red pepper.

These are just a few of my essentials when I am on campus. Hopefully this helps ya’ll find yours!

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  1. Kate says:

    Great post Ben! I love the duality with the photograph!