A big sister’s love

sistersDear sister,

Throughout my life, you were always a person that I aspired to be. Anything you did was done with diligence and done well. Wise, articulate, loving, intelligent, talented, you are a beautiful force to be reckoned with.

As a child, I knew that the bar was raised high. As an adult, I know that the standard you have raised is unattainable.

You excel in everything you do and although I have never felt pressured to follow in your footsteps, I know that the light that shines from you is without comparison.

When graduating high school, I never planned to do post-secondary education; I was pursuing another path and after years of struggling with poor health, it lead me to Victoria where I began my life on the island – with you.

Dear mentor,

During this period to wellness, you welcomed me with open arms into your cozy home, regardless of your own life circumstances. I cannot express to you how much of an angel you have been in my life these past 3 years. As I journeyed through my time of serious growing pains and change, you exemplified real love and grace as my life crumbled around me.

In moments when I was unlovable and we would be on the brink of snapping, you continuously chose to graciously love me the best way you knew how. It didn’t matter the situation; tough love, gentleness, instruction, laughter – you simply loved and supported me.

Dear friend,

You have played an instrumental role as to why I am in university at UVic and pursuing a career. You have journeyed with me through the toughest life that I have faced thus far. Although there are fundamental support systems in my life that I depend upon, without you, my sister, I would not be the person I am today. It is through your example that I learned the value of determination, grace, love, wisdom and discernment.

I cannot imagine my life without you. You are my friend, mentor and angel.

I love you,

Dear sister.

True friend


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