Why would you want a History degree?


Not going to lie, while this looks a little bit overwhelming, I was pretty excited to check out these books as I started researching for an essay – most assignments can be steered in the direction you find the most interesting!

I am now in my fifth year of uni and at the tail end of getting my history degree and I still absolutely love it. The most frequent question I’ve been asked is: WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO WITH A HISTORY DEGREE?

I seriously think it is something you should consider if you find it interesting; after all, it’s about how you apply your degree.

If you’re thinking of going into history and love to read, write and think about the world in different ways…this is the degree for you.

I believe it is super useful in all aspects of life – the way you interpret ideas, having a broad understanding of the world and being able to engage in great conversations. I love having context when I travel and when I hear about or watch the news.

As for getting a job when you finish university, in our world today you need something that makes you stand out from the rest of the undergraduate degrees, regardless of your major. Some skills you will acquire are:

  • the ability to think critically
  • writing strength
  • work ethic – just being able to say you went through the process of achieving a degree is a reflection of your ability to set and complete goals

The next step is to pair this with some serious networking. Throughout your degree, make it a priority to be active in the community – volunteer, make connections with people and ask about different fields of work and opportunities. Every person you meet may be able to become a part of the way you shape your future.

When this is accompanied with the practice of critically analyzing situations with an open mind and a careful, thorough process (with an historical perspective, of course), you’re ahead of the game. Show off these skills by practicing your public speaking, writing, interviewing and conversations with friends on issues or topics about which you are deeply passionate.

Plus…think of all the fun facts you can whip out at any given moment 😉

Favourite classes I’ve taken:

Current students: share your thoughts and favourite UVic classes below!


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  1. Matt Heron says:

    I’m only a second year history major but I’ve really enjoyed these courses so far:

    History of the Middle East
    History of Africa
    The Creation of the Medieval World

    AND I’m super stoked to do HSTR 380T next semester which is “The Created Medieval History of J.R.R Tolkien’s Middle-Earth”

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