What Student Thanksgiving Looks Like


The last time I actually went “home” for Thanksgiving was in first year.

I quickly realized that, especially when you live on an island, sitting stiffly at a table with a couple relatives is not worth spending 2 days out of a 3 day weekend travelling on various buses and a ferry.

So I decided to trade in old traditions (which, for me, weren’t even really traditions other than “people say we’re supposed to eat this large bird as a family although half of us aren’t here”) for the chance to make some new memories.

On Friday (I know I said 3-day weekend so I shouldn’t really count Friday but I think once the school day is done it counts) my best friend surprised me by telling me she was in town! To show her the quintessential Victoria late-night food spot, I took her to West Coast Waffles. And toted my boyfriend along.

On Saturday I took a ferry to the mainland after all to meet my Mom. We stayed at a hotel and on Sunday we went to IKEA. Then I went back. And yes, those dresses are homework (for Costume Design).

And Monday was the big day! Both of my boyfriend’s siblings live here in Victoria, so they’ve been having their own Thanksgiving dinner for a few years now, with a couple friends. We had a really good evening, including the mandatory belly-aches.

Hope you had a good Thanksgiving, too! And if you’re in the US, you have it to look forward to!

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