Thanksgiving: Make it What You Want!

Thanksgiving-Day-Background-Vector-illustrationIt’s finally here. Canadian Thanksgiving. One of my favourite holidays of the year. Food and good company – what more could you ask for?

Whether you are able to get home to your family, in the library, or spending it with friends, it’s a perfect time to reflect on everything positive that’s in our lives. It’s also a great excuse to eat your way to a food coma.

Can’t get home? Host a friendsgiving potluck. My friends and I make it our mission every year to host a “rejects potluck dinner” – saves the hassle of cooking an entire 3 course dinner, you get a marvelous spread of food, it’s quite cheap to do, and you get to create your own little “family dinner”! If you live on res, pick up a spread of pre-made food and have a gathering in the residence lounge or on the floor of one of the rooms.

Enjoy celebrating new friends, your own “created” family, or if you’re lucky enough to get home, savour those moments.

I’m currently going into my fifth year at UVic, and I am beyond grateful for the friends I’ve made, experiences I’ve had, and support I’ve been given from the school and the Victoria community. This is the time to celebrate it!

Going to a potluck and in a crunch? Here are some easy ideas for the time restricted individual:

  • Bring ingredients for a punch (juice, soda water, frozen fruit) – easy peasy!
  • Make a quick salad with a variety of veggies, nuts, and even some fruit… top with olive oil/balsamic.
  • Yams or potatoes – (mashed, sliced up and baked, anything) the classic Thanksgiving dish, and is always a crowd pleaser.
  • Oven roasted Brussels sprouts (add bacon for extra fun)
  • Craving something sweet? No time to bake? Pick up a pie from a grocery store or one of our great local bakeries – Fol Epi and Pure Vanilla are my favourites.

Regardless of where you end up and who you’re with, be thankful and enjoy some time to unplug, be present, and reflect on what you are grateful for!

Happy Thanksgiving,


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