10 ways to kickstart your green career

green briefcaseIn first year I took Environmental Studies 200 and loved it. From then on, I wanted to pursue a career in the environment.

Throughout my degree I sought out resources, volunteered on and off campus, did the co-op program and learned as much as I could about working in an environmental field.

Below are the top resources I found and continue to use today to learn, network, volunteer and find job opportunities.

This will be one of my last posts on MyUVicLife! I had my convocation ceremony in June 2015 and as a new graduate I am venturing out into the world to pursue a career in the environment.

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UVic Resources

1. Check out UVic Co-op and Career services: This office is a great resource for students and alumni looking to explore career options. The staff are welcoming and always happy to chat. The Career office offers online resources, drop-in support, mock interviews, resume & cover letter support. UVic’s Co-operative Education program is a great way to gain paid work experience during your degree.

2. Hear from UVic alumni in green careers (8 short videos): For my third co-op term I worked for UVic’s Office of Campus Planning and Sustainability and got to produce a series of videos featuring UVic alumni who are in green careers today. I recommend watching this video first.

3. Volunteer on campus: There are many groups to get involved with on a variety of topics. A few include the UVic Sustainability Project, Urban Development Club, Divest UVic, the UVic Community Gardens and the UVic Ecological Restoration Volunteer Network. Visit my post Let’s Get Inspired for #EarthDay2015  for a video on why students volunteer at UVic!

Victoria Networking Events

(See my post How do I network? for networking tips.)

4. Attend The Resilient Region Exchange – Greater Victoria Breakfast Series: Get free coffee & breakfast and meet sustainability leaders from government, business, public sector, and non-profits. This is a great event for students and new grads to learn more about initiatives happening in the community, learn about opportunities and make professional connections.

5. Attend Green Drinks Victoria: Green Drinks is a global networking event for anyone interested in connecting with others interested in environmental issues.

Organizations in Victoria

6. Find local organizations: I’ve compiled a list of organizations within Victoria doing environmental work in areas such as restoration, advocacy, education, non profit, policy, government and business. Check out their websites for job postings, volunteer opportunities and upcoming events.

Job Posting Sites

7. Visit Good Work for green job postings all over Canada. Also make sure to check out their job search tips for great advice and resources on the job search process.

8. Visit Idealist for international job and volunteer opportunities.


9. Leading Change Canada: I attended this one-day conference for students and young professionals focused on environmental sustainability in Vancouver in 2014. They may also award tickets to GLOBE to a select number of students that display a high level of commitment and leadership in environmental sustainability.

10. IMPACT! The Cooperators Youth Program for Sustainability Leadership: This is a 3-day conference held every 3 years to bring together young leaders working towards positive environmental change. Check out this page for a summary of the 2014 conference and you’ll see a photo of me (turquoise sweater) staring at the largest Jenga set you’ve ever seen!! I had a really amazing time at this conference and highly recommend it.

I’d love to hear what resources you have discovered; feel free to share them below. Thinking about your next steps, or looking for more ideas? Leave a comment below and I’d be happy to reply & help out!


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4 Responses

  1. Cathie says:

    Thanks for such a comprehensive list and good luck in the real world, Miranda!

    • Miranda says:

      Thanks Cathie! Glad you liked the list! I’m definitely still using these tips and resources for myself as a new graduate. 🙂

  2. Crystal says:

    Wonderful and informative read MIranda! You’re going to rock it in the real world! Look out! 🙂

    • Miranda says:

      Thanks Crystal! Glad you enjoyed the read and I’m very excited for this new chapter in my life!