The 7 ‘things’ I highlight on my campus tours

tour guideWelcome to the University of Victoria. My name is Lindsay and I am a 5th year Commerce student.

Today I will be your tour guide. If you have any questions along the way, please let me know.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out campus, this post is for you. I will highlight the 7 ‘things’ that I make sure to point out on my tour.

1.) Bob Wright Building:

Above ground – We have an on-campus observatory on top of the Bob Wright building. On Wednesdays, they open it up to the public and students to check out the stars, planets and moon.

Below ground – In the basement of the Bob Wright building, we have the world’s most powerful microscope.

UVic's on-campus observatory

UVic’s on-campus observatory

2.) Subtext is a great place to buy and sell your textbooks. Make sure the editions are up-to-date. You can also check with your prof if you can use an older edition.

3.) Stay in residence. You will have no regrets. It’s a great way to make friends from other faculties.


4.) Take fun electives – we have ‘Hockey Night in Canada‘ , ‘The Art of Acting‘, ‘The History of the Beatles‘ and ‘The History of Beyonce‘. You will receive the same credit for these classes as an organic chemistry class.

5.) The chairs by the windows in the McPherson library are a great spot for a nap. 20 minute power naps are most effective.

6.) On a stormy day, students can go surfing at Cadboro Bay, which is only a 10 minute walk from campus.


7.) We have a Quidditch team! SAY WHAT? Yes, you were correct in hearing that UVic has a Quidditch team (Harry Potter).

They practice every Saturday and compete internationally. Seriously, no lie! Check out CTV’s video on UVic’s team travelling to New York to compete.


If you have any questions about anything UVic related, please feel free to comment on this blog. I promise to respond ASAP.

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