A Friday class @ WildPlay Victoria

DSC00080A recent Friday was another unique class when 26 students from my entrepreneurship specialization spent the day at WildPlay Victoria.

We all participated in the Monkido Aerial Adventure but four of us opted to add on the Extreme package where we pushed ourselves to the limit at higher heights.

WildPlay Victoria is located much closer to UVic than you would think as it is only a 20 minute drive from downtown. I recommend checking it out sometime this summer when you have a chance.

You might wonder why we spent class time at WildPlay. Well, it is quite surprising how jumping from tree to tree relates to business.

One main aspect that relates is the importance of teamwork. Even though you are safely in a harness, it can be quite scary to walk along a wobbly tree trunk to the next rest point. It can help when there is someone else leading the way and can provide guidance on the best strategy on how to get across.

The encouragement that you provide each other helps more than you would think. A strong team can go a long way in business and it is important to be able to trust your team.

If you like ziplining, this is for you!

Robert zipping through the trees

Robert zipping through the trees


Some students all ready for WildPlay

Thank you Brock Smith and Graham Brown for taking us to WildPlay.

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