DavidFosterandLindsayOn May 28th, David Foster came to UVic and he was my prof for the day. The Gustavson School of Business awarded him with the Distinguished Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

One thing you might find surprising is that he isn’t a big fan of public speaking so he structured his session as a Q&A and opened up the floor to the 50 students in the room and our questions.

RECAP of the class: http://www.cheknews.ca/david-foster-receives-award-99780

3 of the most memorable things that Mr. Foster said to me are:

1. “Luck is when hard work meets opportunity.”

2. “Good is the enemy of great.”

3. “Networking is the answer to success.”

Well I guess for #3, I had the opportunity to meet David Foster. That’s a pretty sweet networking opportunity.

Thanks, Gustavson, for this great opportunity!



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