The best summer of your life?

summer-beachIf there’s one thing I know how to do right, it’s summer.

This summer I’ll be taking classes and studying for the MCAT, but I’ve spent many summers just hanging out and having fun. I mean, I wear shorts all year, so summer is the time when everyone starts copying what I’m wearing; downloading my swag, if you will.

This is what you need for a summer in Victoria (from someone who lives the summer lifestyle year-round):

  • Frisbee (175g ultimate disc is my preference. You can get one from HtO on Broad St..)
  • Bocce set (Costco sells a nice one for around 40$ I think.)
  • Hat (Everyone need a dope lid for summer. There is a style for everyone – I mean, flat brim, baseball hat, bucket hat, or a straw hat with a chin strap is a summertime party favorite.)
  • Sunglasses (You can get some nice cheapies from My personal favorite brand is Dragons.)
  • Music (Bluetooth speakers are a great addition to any summertime activity; just connect it to the library on your phone and blast it!)

What you need to do:

Research where you want to go because campsites get booked; however, I have routinely just gone and have got cancellations or figured it out. Sure, I may have made some wrong turns, but it always worked out.

On Vancouver Island:

China Beach photo by Gillian Cornwall.

China Beach photo by Gillian Cornwall.

Camping (Just wrangle up some stuff and go; the best camping trips are always last minute.)

  • China Beach – This is just past Jordan River and you have to hike in a bit then camp on the beach.
  • Cowichan Lake
  • Tofino – Go surfing at Long Beach, Cox Bay, or Chesterman.
  • Parksville – Tide goes out so far on this beach! Check out the mini golf too.

Sooke Potholes – Beautiful spot for exploring and swimming.

Oak Bay Beach Hotel or Bear Mountain pool – Get food & drinks poolside.

Tubing down Cowichan River – Grab some tubes from old tires in Duncan then drop off one car at the exit point and drive to where you want to get in and enjoy the ride down the river! This ride can be somewhat dangerous depending on conditions.

Durrance lake – Take a floatation device and hit the lake for the day. Go by the Red Barn after for some ice cream.

Off Vancouver Island:

Big Tribune Bay on Hornby Island

Big Tribune Bay on Hornby Island

Hornby Island – Great time camping on this island and chilling on the beach.

Salt Spring or Pender Island – Take a day trip to Salt Spring Island or do some camping on Pender. There is a world class Frisbee golf course on Pender that is 27-holes and amazing! You can camp on the field next to the pub if you ask nicely.

House boating – This involves quite a bit of planning and travelling to the Okanagan, but make sure you do it once, as that is usually enough – ha.

Cultus Lake Waterpark – This is in the interior of British Columbia, so consult the internet for directions. Really, who doesn’t like water slides?

I suggest checking the internet to get the general directions for where you want to go, but the whole fun of an adventure trip is figuring it out on the fly. If you find yourself in a situation where you don’t know where to go, just ask somebody.  I have always gone places without knowing exactly where we are going to stay and it has always worked out. So, channel your adventurous spirit and enjoy the summer.

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3 Responses

  1. Erin says:

    I heard a rumour that you can get camping equipment from CARSA. Don’t know the details but if someone wants to camp and lacks equipment, it might be worth looking into.

  2. Kate says:

    i think you can even rent or borrow camping equipment from UVic’s Athletics and Recreation department!

  3. Kelly says:

    I love how Frisbee is a thing at Uvic! I’m coming this fall from Kelowna and no one really plays or cares about Frisbee here! I’m bringing my neon and my glow-in-the-dark Frisbee!