4 of my expected unexpected challenges of post-grad life

1. What do I do with all this free time?

StopTheClockI should have so much free time! Yet, now that I’ve finished my program, all I want to do is slack off all day and not even think of the words ‘work’ or ‘study’.

I am a gamer. I play video games, sometimes too much, but I found a way to balance school, work, social life and hobbies, and now…?

Now, I am on the prowl for a new job, classes AND finals are over, and have been over for awhile, which means….my productivity has taken a plunge!

Staying disciplined and actually getting stuff done is difficult enough with classes and work, but when it’s entirely self-directed? Yikes, that takes a lot of work! So, trying to make and keep a schedule can be difficult until I become employed (or start summer classes, or travel), but it is worth it!

2. I need how many years of experience?!

I’m sure many of my fellow graduating students can relate to this one. Many postings want applicants to have several years of experience, to which I pull on my hair and scream, “But I’ve been in school for the last FOUR YEARS!! Isn’t that enough?!” and then I sob for a while.

That’s not to say I haven’t been working and volunteering through my undergrad, just that it doesn’t quite add up to five years of experience in a field, which is frustrating to say the least.

3. Funding the paper industry

PrintingPressI’m sure I’ve sent out, both paper and electronic, enough resumes, cover letters and general applications to single-handedly fund the paper industry in Canada.

Let me tell you, there are a lot of really interesting opportunities out there to apply for, but the downside:

…there are thousands of other bright-eyed, bushy-tailed grads out there, just waiting for the right job before they pounce with the ferocity of a starving lion (I’m only half joking at this point). So, that means I send out as many applications as I can. I mean, the worst they can say is no.

4. Well, how do I stay connected with people now?

Obsessive job searching aside, I’ve found that connecting and staying connected with people becomes more challenging once everyone (or almost everyone) you know is graduating. People are going home, working and traveling, which makes communication difficult.

This is where I turned to social media (more so than before) because the internet means that I can reach anyone almost anywhere at any time on the planet. So, while face-to-face connecting with former classmates and friends is more difficult, there is always the internet!

Those are some of the challenges that were expected / unexpected for me now that I have graduated and have to face real life. I would be interested to hear some of the other challenges my fellow grads are facing!

Stay awesome,


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