52 Snap Chats of UVic students during FINALS!

There’s a special time every term when students come together to laugh and cry, cheer and yell, fight and hug, but throughout it all, we bond together and always coming out strong.

Many drown their sorrows with ice cream; others turn to the bars, but let’s take a look inside UVic students during FINALS:

1. That moment when you realize life is over and instead of studying, you put your head on your notes in the hopes that osmosis will do its thing. #sciencemajor

Photo 1

2. Or when you realize that osmosis doesn’t actually work that way and you simply give up. #notsciencemajor #failingbio

Photo 2

3. When you decide that watching the hockey playoffs in your residence building lounge is more important than studying. #gocanucksgo

Photo 3

4. Only during finals week will it make complete sense and be rational for you to set an alarm for 40 minutes. #sleepisfortheweak

Photo 4

5. When you have pens on pens and drinks on drinks to help you get through the next dozens of hours.

Photo 5

6. Not even our mascot, Thunder, wants to study. Instead he’s in the gym working on his summer body.

photo 6

7. Procrastination gets the best of us too; who wants some procrastination pie courtesy of Samantha Bright?

Photo 7

8. There are some of us that feel hopeful and actually enjoy the material we study. #nerd

Photo 8

9. Then there are some of us that decide a little sunshine out at Petch Fountain is better than an A. #dropout

Photo 9

10. And there are others that just can’t take it and have meltdowns at McPherson Library #crying #dying

Photo 10

11. We all find ourselves eating the best food during finals and buying in bulk. Mystic Market is definitely a savior. #gourmet

Photo 11

12. However, most of us are hella cheap. #starvingstudents

Photo 12

13. Many of us tend to go crazy and do some really weird things, like type with shoes on our feet. You know it’s finals week when…  #areyouokay

Photo 13

14. Some of us study in super weird positions. #faceplant #what?

Photo 14

15. Also, we study everywhere we can. A little cram sesh on the bus anyone? #notweird

Photo 15

16. You’ll always see UVic students studying away on the ferry, trying to finish that 5 hour assignment on a 90 minute ride. #yeahright

Photo 16

17. How about a little study sesh at Cadboro Bay? #beachlife #notactuallystudying

Photo 17

18. The weather is beautiful! Soak up the rays while you digest them notes. #sunnyweather

Photo 18

19. Tons of students stay at home to study, so how about a little backyard fun with a smoothie in hand?

Photo 19

20. We already mentioned studying at the ferries, right?

Photo 20

21. It’s impossible to get away from the nice weather at UVic so us students, we do it up right!

Photo 21

22. Some of us though, prefer a nice window view from Clearihue. It’s kind of like torture actually, but we see it as goal-setting. #almostthere

Photo 22

23. Then there are those that don’t even make it outside. #whataview

Photo 23

24. And there are those that just don’t even try to study and instead hang out on rez balconies. #breaks. #rezlife

Photo 24

25. Why not have a little fun and reference some movies like Harry Potter? #thechamberoffinals

Photo 25

26. Or get a boost of confidence from your friend. “The Help” was a great movie but I don’t think that’s being totally supportive here? Is this supposed to be inspirational or a mockery?

Photo 26

27. When you go from one exam and start studying for the next one .#norest #ham

Photo 27

28. Uhm, okay?

Photo 28

29. The clock just goes on… and on….

Photo 29

30. And on…

Photo 30

31. And on….

Photo 31

32. It’s bad when coursespaces kicks you off though…

Photo 32

33. And we all know that everyone calculates their bare minimum grades needed to pass. #onlyneeda30 #rogershub

Photo 33

34. Bless this girl, she doesn’t even go here #meangirls but she’ll know what it feels like soon enough. #1styearproblems

Photo 34

35. And this guy… #donteven

Photo 35

36. He just looks straight up, too happy. #botox

Photo 36

37. When you can use your hands to count what percentage you’ll land on your final exam, you know it’s bad.

Photo 37

38. There’s the classic sitting in front of your material.

Photo 38

39. Psych…

Photo 39

40. Calm down, too excited. #stopit

Photo 40

41. Still too excited. #doyoureallyloveit?

Photo 41

42. Econ…

Photo 42

43. Othello…

Photo 43

44. Then you reach a moment and you just know you can’t. #giveup

Photo 44

45. So you try to become a rapper and we all know, it’s not gonna work out. #DJstatzmajor

Photo 45

46. When your friends aren’t done their finals, but you are. So you turn to your other “friends” and stream episodes on Netflix. #ross

Photo 46

47. It seems that most peoples’ post exam go-to is Netflix.

Photo 47

48. But not everyone. Wouldn’t you rather head to Felicita’s for an ice cold one? It’s always good to have a drink after a final, doesn’t matter if you did good or bad – beer doesn’t judge. #campuspub #sweetnectar

Photo 48

49. Everyone loves study buddies, even if they are totally fake.

Photo 49

50. That feeling when you’re done though… #bliss

Photo 50

51. But you know you should be studying. #screwed

Photo 51

52. And you just take selfies instead. #govikesgo

Photo 52

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