UVic hibernation

Sarah peakWith the start of final exams over the last few days, I have started to notice something that seems to happen at the end of every term. I call it the “UVic hibernation.” Basically, it’s the time at the end of each term when students across all faculties suddenly disappear.

During my first term at UVic, the annual student hibernation was new to me and very confusing. One day the campus was filled with students and the next, it was like a ghost town. Where did everyone go?

The answer to my question came quickly with the uttering of students least favourite word:


Jeans became sweatpants and dresses became pjs as kids left their dorm rooms for the sole purpose of feeding themselves before taking the long walk back to the endless notes awaiting them.

This term, my friends and I decided to break up the never ending stream of studying with a little road trip up the mountain to Whistler, B.C.. For those of you who don’t know, Whistler is a beautiful ski & snowboarding mountain where many of the Vancouver Winter Olympic events were held.

We have gone on the Peak 2 Peak, to the Scandinave Spa and eaten at my favourite restaurant, Mongolie Grill. It has been so nice to relax and breathe some fresh air. If there is one thing that I have learned from this spontaneous and much needed trip, it is that sometimes taking a break can be just as important as studying.


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  1. Crystal says:

    Looks like the perfect way to get your batteries re-charged before that those last exams! Hope it worked for you!