UVic ICE: Student entrepreneurship at UVic

ICE logos_jun313.inddThough there were plenty of jobs to choose from for my last co-op term, I wanted to do something different.

My dream has always been to run my own game studio, so I decided to finish my co-op career with an entrepreneurial co-op: starting my own business with help from UVic resources.

The first place I was pointed was to the UVic Innovation Centre for Entrepreneurs (UVic ICE), the university program that provides mentorship and financial aid to student entrepreneurs. Though the program was founded under the Gustavson School of Business, it is open to applications to students from any faculty.

The ICE program offers a plethora of services: they help students turn initial ideas into concrete business plans, provide mentorship to keep startups moving in the right direction, and run the PitchIt and PlanIt competitions several times a year to provide student startups with seed money.

If running your own business is something you are interested in, then I highly recommend looking at the rest of the services offered on the ICE website and scheduling a meeting to discuss your idea with one of their friendly advisors!

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  1. Erin says:

    Great post, Dylan. Thanks for sharing your ICE experiences!