91 end of the semester thoughts you know you’ve had.

You know you’ve thought these things.

The struggle is real.

Don’t deny it.

Jess - 91 things

  1. Coffee.
  2. Now.
  3. NOW!
  4. I swear we just started classes yesterday.
  5. How on earth is it April 2nd?
  6. I thought it was still 2010.
  7. Honestly though, I’m sorry – where did time go?
  8. I was going to be so productive with my new years goals that I’ve started and stopped…
  9. I’ve lost count.
  10. Professor #1 assigns a paper.
  11. I have FOREVER to finish this paper!
  12. In fact, all the time in the world.
  13. I don’t’ have thaaat much work this weekend, just two tutorial assignments to do, a reflection, some experiential learning assignments…
  14. So sure!! I’ll be social tonight.
  15. Okay, let’s go to the basketball game and then the library after.
  16. Scratch the library, I’m tired.
  17. Let’s go to the gym, then the rugby game, and Sunday we can get breakfast and go for a hike.
  18. Woops, there goes that weekend…
  19. Professor #2 assigns a paper.
  20. Wait, you want me to declare my degree?
  21. I don’t know what I’m eating for dinner tonight, let alone what I’m supposed to do with my life.
  22. Okay so I’m creeping courses, how on earth do I fill out this ‘Request to Declare Program Form’?
  23. What? I can specialize?
  24. Why are there so many options?
  25. This is worse than an all you can eat buffet.
  27. I can’t possibly type in an option, I have no idea what the answer is… or is there a correct answer?
  28. Where is the “none of the above option” when you actually need it? Grrrrrrr!
  29. Send off urgent help email to academic advising.
  30. Receives the automated response saying the office has a “high demand of requests at the moment” ( they are indeed very helpful 🙂 )
  31. Wait, declaring this isn’t set in stone right?
  32. I changed my mind now that I’ve sent this in…
  33. *Receive response: No, phew, this isn’t set in stone. I can’t specialize…why would you ask me that if I can’t!
  34. Sorcery I tell you.
  35. Professors #3 and #4 assign papers.
  36. I guess I should start on at least one of these papers…
  37. Spends a few minutes searching for resources.
  38. Yet spends HOURS searching for the books…
  39. I should have paid more attention in elementary school during learning about the Dewey Decimal System
  40. I swear this is a trap.
  41. It’s like Vegas, there’s no way to tell how long you’ve been searching.
  42. I’ve lost cell service.
  43. HELP.
  44. It’s silent, I can’t even scream for help.
  45. I FOUND IT! *Feel an immense amount of pride.
  46. Okay, only a few more to find…
  47. Oh, that only took like 30 minutes…huh
  48. Looks at bank account.
  49. Ouch…
  50. The only reason I need a job is to sustain my coffee drinking.
  51. Speaking of which, I haven’t had one today yet, that’s why I’m so tired…
  52. Or maybe it was the 3 hours of sleep I got trying to finish that paper.
  53. Checking 15 times that you’ve actually pressed ‘Submit’ and ‘Upload’ to CourseSpaces
  54. Research…eat…Netflix…notes…sleep
  55. Coffee…
  56. Research…Netflix…sleep
  57. Check Instagram, Facebook, Twitter…
  58. See photos of people traveling the world, in warm, tropical, sunny, places…
  59. That looks fun.
  60. What am I doing with my life?
  61. Have existential crisis # 124235.
  62. Pull yourself together.
  63. You can totally do this!!
  64. Getting a voicemail from the library… $2.00 A DAY FOR OVERDUE AND RECALLED BOOKS!
  65. That’s HALF A LATTE
  66. What is this course experience thing? And why am I getting 2o emails a day about it?
  67. “Will only take a few minutes of your time”…
  68. Hey, my time is precious. I’ve got things due, you know tests coming up, that you assigned.
  69. But I guess it’s useful information, okayyy…
  70. I have two finals tomorrow.
  71. Why am I more stressed out about finding something to wear to the wrap-up event tomorrow night?
  72. Who am I kidding, I don’t have the money to buy something new.
  73. At least I get a free dinner.
  74. Or is it really free?
  75. Ah yes, campus tours. “Here are all the exhausted, sleep-deprived, stressed out, and hungry students” ( I know I’m doing a great job at selling school, but you will LOVE university!)
  76. A long weekend that I can totally be unproductive and attempt to not feel guilty for doing nothing!
  77. Exams…why?
  78. I’ve got a little over a week to study for my exams. Practically AGES!
  79. *night before exam* I guess I should probably study.
  80. Nailed it.
  81. Onto the next ones.
  82. I have no idea what this question is asking me.
  83. Quick what sounds like a decent answer?
  84. C, always pick C. Wait, who seriously believes that?
  85. At least it’s summer soon.
  86. Wait…
  87. Do NOT ask me what my plans are.
  88. I have no idea what I’m doing.
  89. In fact, my whole life is TBD.
  90. Don’t ask about a job, where I’m living, what my plans are.
  91. Ask me what I watched on Netflix last night instead. Now that I can answer.

Feel free to comment below and add some of your own!

photo credit: The Loop via photopin (license)

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3 Responses

  1. Miranda says:

    “Sorcery I tell you”

    Love it! Jess, this list is the best.

  2. Derushka says:

    That 89th thought though – “In fact, my whole life is TBD”……this is my new life motto! What a fun list Jess! 🙂