So you’re leaving for the summer…where do you start?

coverphotoGoing home to some place other than Victoria after exams? Get a co-op abroad?

There’s a lot to worry about while studying for finals, finishing off essays, and keeping up with the latest tv shows.

How do you keep track of it all? How do you keep from panicking when you think of all the things you’ve got to do before you leave?

  1. Don’t panic–we recently had De-Stress Fest at UVic, which included free hot chocolate and puppy playtime. Lessons from the week: you gotta learn to not sweat the small stuff when it comes to surviving university.
  2. Make packing part of your daily schedule–just like you organize your study schedule to include all your course work you should pack a couple things away a day that you don’t need on a daily basis. That way you won’t be up the whole night before you leave.
  3. Sort out your living situation–whether you’re living in the dorms on campus or renting from someone make sure they know you’re leaving…and get your security deposit back.
  4. Make a list–I use the “list method” for everything. Things I need to do by a certain date, errands I need to run, etc.
  5. Transportation–Because I’m moving to a city where there’s a lot of driving, I’m definitely going to need to get my car checked before I go. Same goes for you fliers. Make sure you have your seat booked, bags weighed and pick-up person on the other side.
  6. Boxes are your new best friend–I’ve slowly started to collect boxes for various places for all my stuff. Not opposed to using old shoe boxes either.
  7. Say goodbye–Don’t let the stress of finals and moving out worry you out so much that you forget to say goodbye to your friends. They’re the people you’ve spent the last year with–they’re important!
  8. Know what you’re doing for the summer before you leave–I made the mistake of applying for jobs way too late one summer and I was bored for a month with no job and no money.

That’s all I’ve got guys, anyone else have any tips I should include in my list of things to do?

Happy packing!

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