Succeeding while sick


It must suck to sit beside me right now. I sound like there is a cat that is coughing up hairballs stuck in my throat. Once you start getting sick in university it is hard to overcome; resting causes stress which slows recovery and studying while sick is inefficient.

The last few days I have been facing the hysteria of paper writing, the struggle to keep words on the page, scanning references and trying to shape logical ideas while my brain is spinning. My solution is to take work slow and steady. It is strange for me to accept a slow-paced, dazed academic life, but it works.

I do the obvious, because the obvious works:

  • Ginger tea with honey
  • Chicken soup
  • Lots of water and sleep
  • Advil cold and sinus (getting rid of headaches to meet the deadlines)

These solutions to sickness allow me to keep working and slow down my life to my new malady-ridden body.


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