Basketball dreams

UVic students at the gameWhen I was younger and I watched those cliche American high school movies, I always got excited when they had football games or pep rallies.  I loved how everyone dressed up in their school colours and people would flock to the games by the hundreds.

Because of these movies, I always expected life in my high school to be the same way – the spirit, the colours, the cheering.  Unfortunately, that did not happen. My school didn’t have a football team or a cheer-leading squad. We did have a basketball team, but nobody ever went to the games or, if they did, they certainly didn’t dress up.

Flash forward a few years to now, well actually last week. My friends and I decided to go to the UVic varsity basketball game because it is the playoffs and we thought it might be fun. Based on my previous experience with school sports teams, my expectations for school spirit, and even attendance, weren’t very high. Let’s just say I was very surprised when we got there.

It was exactly like what I had always imagined going to a game at my school would be like. There was a spirit squad that got everyone pumped up for the game and gave away noise makers and t-shirts. The cheerleaders were dancing and flipping down on the court and all of the bleachers were packed with people wearing blue and yellow.

It was my perfect university game experience and we are already making plans to go to the next one.

Oh, and by the way… final score: 81-67 for UVic!

UVic basketball game

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