Great resources in the McPherson Library

UVic student Malcolm in McPherson LibraryThe library is where I study, and where I will continue to study. I spend more awake time in the library than at home. Even now, I’m writing this blog post on a library computer.

The following are a few resources I’m thankful to have at my disposal:

Course Reserves

You can borrow text books for your courses. Saving money on books has never been so easy, and you don’t have to carry around a million books.

I have used course reserve text books for Math 100/101, Chem 231/232, Bioc 299, EOS  110/120/260 and BIOL 190A/B.

This resource is amazing, and hopefully it will expand in the future. It seems pretty limited to first and second year courses. It would be nice to have printed academic papers relevant to courses available there too.

Research Help

The research help desk was there when I sucked at finding articles. #firstyear? They can explain how useful ancient technologies, like books and the Dewey decimal system, work. They are also well versed in online resources and the UVic academic databases.

UVic McPherson LibraryMusic and Media

Great for borrowing chargers, cameras, noise-canceling headphones. The noise-canceling headphones are exceptional for a long day of studying.

Study Rooms

Popular with very limited availability. Great for studying with friends. It is a good way to be productive or goof off.  Book a study room.

UVic Campus black and whiteAbout the Library

Construction of the McPherson Library began in ~1960 when UVic had 2085 student and 120 faculty.

The McPherson library is struggling to keep up with the growing student population and our technology dependence, with problems like a lack of power outlets! (Narrowing of the normal distribution of student studying times?)

Check out this interactive timeline.

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