Netflix; AKA: The student trap

netflixHave you ever gotten sucked into a book or television series and you realized that your whole life is wrapped up in the characters and plot?

You forfeit your social life for a season of time because your universe now revolves around that story and every available opportunity is used to find out what happens next. This world is known as “Netflix”; AKA: The student trap.

For those who may be unfamiliar with this amazing invention, Netflix is an online video-streaming website that allows people to watch on-demand movies and TV shows at a certain price per month.

It will simultaneously gift you with hours of entertainment-guaranteed, while providing you with a momentary escape from your real-life responsibilities. You will experience the weight of guilt, sitting on your shoulders as you ignore your obligations. But don’t worry; you will quickly learn to embrace that pressure as it tucks you snugly under the covers in time for the next episode to begin.

I am currently in my second year of University and I must admit, I have found it brutal to focus this whole semester. Any motivation that I had towards school disappeared just as I sat down for my first lecture at the beginning of January.

Thanks to Netflix, I have kept myself preoccupied and have developed a unique learning style that has tweaked my work ethic. To the unseasoned watcher, this is also known as, “oh crap I just Netflix binged until 1 AM and still have 3 assignments to do before class tomorrow”…

You’d think that us Netflix watchers would have learned our lesson after a few incidences like that, but you’d be wrong! We just get more daring and creative! It becomes a competition with time and resourcefulness, with a newfound flexibility of the definition of a “good grade” weaved in ;).

I do not recommend this expert-level of Netflix watching to the newbies. It is a skill that should be developed over time, and if attempted prematurely, the consequences can be devastating. Make some popcorn, get tucked in, and proceed with caution.

Happy watching.

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2 Responses

  1. Jill says:

    Courtney, I’m completely agree. Netflix is both highly addictive and my top procrastination technique when I have assignments I don’t want to do! I’ve recently gotten into House of Cards, I’ve almost finished the third season and it’s only been out for a day. AH!

    • Courtney says:

      Hey Jill!

      That’s hilarious!!

      I’ve been told that I should check out House of Cards! I had just finished Friends and was going through withdrawal! Haha. I’m choosing to not pick up any other shows until I am through this last push of the semester!

      Good luck! 😛