Victoria Leadership Awards 2015

Leadership Victoria: building leaders, building communityThis year, I was humbled when Leanna Hill nominated me for the youth category in the Victoria Leadership Awards.

These awards recognize positive and powerful people in the community that work towards bringing positive change through economic, sustainable and influential methods. As a first time nominee, I was thrilled and honoured to attend the ceremony where so many incredible people lit up the room.

Here is a full list of winners and awards. As already mentioned, I was stoked to be sitting in that room with those people, speaking with many leaders and ambassadors for change. I chatted with nominees, previous winners, current winners and remarkable advocates. Seriously, my head is still spinning and I’m in awe of the stories I heard.

As a nominee, I understand that I’ve done something right and I wouldn’t have been there if I wasn’t deserving, but hearing what others have done makes me second guess my resume. It actually motivates me to do more for my community and my world. It sparked a new fire and I’m excited to start new things, increasing the positivity in my community while creating a new monument for social change.

There were four of us in my category. The three other people had impressive backgrounds. Not only this, but they were among the coolest, down to earth and most friendly individuals I have ever met. They were people that loved life and seized every opportunity. I was honored to be standing in a category among them.

Although I didn’t win, I won in many other ways and was appreciative of just being nominated. The young woman who won the youth category earned it. Alex is incredible and her work with the Oaklands Community Gardens is pure amazing – way to go Alex!

The night was filled with honorable people from the community and greatness was in the air. I have never felt the energy that I felt in that room. I also want to take this time to recognize all the leaders in our world, not just in Victoria. There are so many people out there doing wonderful, incredible things and for that, I salute you.

UVic student at Victoria Leadership Awards

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