Test stress? No problem, I’ve got you covered

Coffee QuoteAs the semester ramps up to full gear and things become chaotic, it’s important to remember the most brilliant discovery, ahead of any scientific invention known to man: the cup of coffee.

If I’m going to attend any 8:30 lecture it’s going to be with a cup of coffee in my hand.

There’s nothing worse than rushing to class and realizing you need a coffee to survive the next hour and twenty minutes, but you have no idea how or where you’re going to get your fix.

I’ve got you covered guys; I’ve narrowed it down to the top 5 cups of coffee on or near campus.


  1. Starbucks LogoStarbucks Tuscany location: Not exactly on campus but the closest cup you’ll get on your way to or from campus. Great location for studying. There are always lots of tables and the staff are friendly.

Caution: You will smell like an old sock after studying in Starbucks for an extended period…the old coffee smell is the worst so be prepared.


  1. Spirit Bear Coffee and degrees CupAwaken the inner study guru with Spirit Bear Coffee

Locations on campus: Bibliocafe, Nibbles and Bytes (ECS), SciCafe (Bob Wright Centre), Mystic Market, Fine Arts Building.

The Bibliocafe is usually pretty busy between classes, but the wait is only 5-10 minutes depending on the line. Staff are friendly and efficient so the line moves pretty quickly.

This brand is everywhere on campus, so it’s very accessible depending on classroom location.


  1. Doi Chaang CoffeeDoi Chaang

Locations on campus: Macs Café, Maclaurin Building, Bean There, SUB (Student Union Building).

This brand just so happens to be right next to the most popular wrap/sandwich bar on campus so you can grab a bite while you get your fix.


  1. Salt Spring Coffee and CupGo local with Salt Spring Coffee

Locations on campus: Finnerty Express Cafe (underneath the bookstore).

This is the perfect spot to grab a cup if you’re getting off the bus and need to rush off to class.


  1. Kicking Horse Coffee and CupKick start the day with Kicking Horse Coffee

Locations on campus: Munchie Bar, Student Union Building.

This is my favourite cup of coffee on campus. For the last 4 years at UVic, I’ve been hitting up Munchie’s for my daily fix.

The coffee’s great and the prices are reasonable (especially if you have your own mug).

That’s all I’ve got guys, happy studying!

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5 Responses

  1. Yes, Yes, Yes and Yes to Munchiebar Coffee ! <3 <3 <3

  2. Miranda says:

    Munchie Bar and Finnerty Express are my favourites! At Munchie, you save 50 cents if you bring your own mug which is pretty awesome! And the paper cups can be composted in the green bins around campus :).

  3. Dylan says:

    There’s also a Starbucks down the hill near Gyro beach: great to grab a drink and walk along the beach as a way to relax!