Study stress

image3This week my world was consumed by studying. 8am-10pm every day. Repeating concepts until they infected my dreams – that is the sign that I studied enough.

Minimizing stress: Get lots of sleep, eat healthy, be prepared, make study groups, study in different surroundings, but no matter what I do, I get stressed. The only real stress relief is finishing the exams. My strategy is to ride the stress.

For instance, in neurobiology our professor introduced the course saying, we will fail, drop the class or hate him.  The “rate my professor” comments backed that up with the lowest “easiness” score I have seen.

That stress built me up.  It made me study harder. It made me care more about the material and the small details. It made me understand that students will match the expectations of their professors.

Embrace the stress, the anxiety, of your future riding on 30 multiple choice questions.







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