Top 5 walks/hikes in the Victoria area

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Hey y’all. For today’s post, I’m going to share with you my five favourite walking and hiking areas in the Greater Victoria area that surrounds UVic. I love to get out and try different walks, so it was incredibly difficult to choose just five. If you have any favourite walks I haven’t included, please comment and let me know!

1. Thetis Lake

Thetis Lake is a popular hiking and swimming spot located in the View Royal municipality of Greater Victoria.

While a little farther out from UVic, it is located on both a bus route and a major cycling trail.

Thetis features a number of scenic trails around its upper and lower lakes. While the lake and beaches get pretty crowded with swimmers in the summer, I’ve found the trails are great all year round!


2. Dallas Road/Ogden Point Breakwater

“Dallas Road” refers to an oceanfront area running along – oddly enough – a road called Dallas Road.

Located near downtown Victoria, Dallas Road features a paved walkway stretching along the waterfront. It’s fairly flat and bicycles aren’t permitted on the walkway, so it makes for an easy and scenic stroll.

Photo 2

That view!

Photo 3

The walkway.

Photo 4

Out on the Breakwater.

Ogden Point is another walk located on Dallas Road, so I cheated and lumped the two together.

Ogden Point refers to a docking facility that features a breakwater (a concrete wall extending into the ocean to shield ships from the waves) with pedestrian access.

The views are stunning, and it’s so cool to be able to walk out into the middle of the ocean. I’m typically here one to two times a week.


3. Mt. Douglas Park (PKOLS)

This is definitely my most-frequented spot on the list and one I’ve been accessing for years.

Mt. Douglas Park is located in the Gordon Head neighbourhood and is easily accessible from UVic via the route 39 bus. There are trails going up Mt. Doug, down to the beach, and around the park as well as a paved road leading up the mountain. The view from the top is truly spectacular and definitely worth the trek up!

Photo 5

Ok, so this is a dog photo, but look at that view!

Photo 6

The beach in fall.

Photo 7

The park during a rare snowfall.

4. Gowlland Tod Provincial Park

Unlike the first three locations on this list, Gowlland Tod is a little trickier to access from UVic.

If you can make it out, however, it’s a beautiful spot with a number of different trails. There are several options if you want an uphill climb, but my favourite route is to actually descend down to McKenzie Bight and save the grunt work for the way back. Again, gorgeous views!

Photo 8

McKenzie Bight.

Photo 9

View of Tod Inlet.

5. UVic Alumni Chip Trail


What you’ll see on the Alumni Chip Trail.

Finally, the Alumni Chip Trail at UVic is a great place to walk nearby.

Forming a loop around campus, this trail showcases some of UVic’s most scenic areas.

It’s about four kilometers, flat and well maintained, so a great option for an easier walk if you have limited time.

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