Stuck on campus for Valentine’s Day? Check out the most romantic spots on campus

Gonna be on campus with that special someone on Valentines day? Don’t feel like going to the Fifty Shades of Grey Movie?

Check out these romantic spots that are literally in UVic’s backyard. Plus, this buys you some time to come up with a gift idea. A romantic walk is a nice gesture, right?

1. Finnerty Gardens: take a stroll through the tranquil oasis and experience the three ponds and the already in bloom rhododendrons! Wanna make this a Valentine’s day they won’t forget? The Interfaith Chapel is at the entrance to the gardens….

finnerty gardens

Finnerty Gardens

2. University Club: Looking for a nice spot to have a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner? Check out the University Club. The Club overlooks a beautiful pond and the food’s great… and reasonably priced for those students on a budget.

University Club

University Club

3. Alumni Chip Trail: Fully immerse yourself in the wonders of nature along the Alumni Chip trail. Aside from the occasional jogger you’ll be alone in nature with your special someone.

Alumni chip trail

Alumni chip trail

4. The Hamsterley Jam Factory: This old water tower is located on Sinclair Road. The area used to belong to Algernon Pease and his wife, who farmed on the land and created a public market! Fruit and vegetables were selling so well they decided to create a jam factory in the converted water tower. This little forgotten moment in history might be the perfect spot for a romantic Valentine’s day.

Jam Factory

Jam Factory

5. Mystic Vale: Located outside the Ring in the south-east area of UVic’s campus, this spot is a hidden gem. You’re surrounded by a canopy of Douglas Firs and Grand Firs. Ever wonder where the name Mystic Vale came from? D.W. Higgins, local author gave his version of the mystic spring legend, “If a woman should look into the water when the moon is at its full she’ll see reflected in it the face of the man who loves her. If a man looks into the water he will see the woman who loves him and will marry him should he ask her.” If that doesn’t say romantic Valentine’s Day I don’t know what does.

Mystic Vale

Mystic Vale photo by mattfphotography

Hope you all have a wonderful Valentine’s day whether you end up spending time on campus or off of it!

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